Tuesday, November 10, 2009

no man's blog land

Hey Hey Hey...

It has been awhile!

I read other blogs almost daily but don't think I've found my niche in this crazy land of the blog.
I love fashion and love that documenting my outfits helped me get more use out of my closet. It sucks though that I don't have a camera to be able to download the photos everyday...I may have discovered a way to do it and that would just be more fun anyways.

Life is fantastic right now!
I have a great man who loves me and I get to decorate his new condo! I may talk about that a bit now too. Work is great, family and friends are lovely. I like that the blog helps keep me positive.

So..to any readers out there :) I'll be back with a more definitive direction soon.

Have a terrific day!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

hearts ♥ and dots....

black pants (Reitmans); polka dot top (HandM); shoes (Payless); diamond studs (gifted); silver chain (Walmart); charms (gifted)

I am very winter today. Funny since it's finally summer temperatures but it was just easier to grab the black and wear it. Plus, I'm trying to wear things to work that I won't be packing for vacation and that way I don't have to wash them to get them packed. There is usually a method to my madness.

Is it ever too early to say I Love You? And not the I love you's to my friends and family because I say that all the time to them. I mean between the manfriend/womanfriend you may have. I can feel that we're on the verge of truly ruly uly being in love and saying it - and it's been a little over 3 months. Well, actually, it's been 3 months, 2 weeks and 1 day. Ha!

Is it ever too early to know that I'm going to miss him like crazy? And I'll only be gone for 3 weeks yet all of a sudden am really sad to leave. But super excited to go. What horrible feelings to be feeling. We've been spending gads upon gads of time together and at first, we thought maybe we should wean (sp?) off the togetherness but then thought why should we do that?? Only to be more miserable before we need to be?

Freaking matters of the heart, eh?

I used to laugh and make fun of those suckers who cried at airports and gushed about how they were counting down the days until they could be together again. Umm. My apologies. I may be turning into one. Eek! This is almost as bad as when I realized I truly am a girly girl. Double eek!


Monday, August 10, 2009


black skirt (GAP); coral wraptop (Banana Republic); thin black belt (Banana Republic); cream wedge heels (Winners); gold bib necklace (The Bay); diamond studs (gifted)

I have been away awhile...I blame a part of it on work (yes, even in the summer) and some of it on a new relationship (which while I'm not complaining really does make me tired) :)

Life has been treating me very well lately and I'm off to Greece for 3 weeks on Monday and truly, it couldn't get any better right now...well, winning a small lottery would be nice...
I hate jinxing it though, you know? Like as soon as I say 'life is great' BAM! Life is not so great anymore. I used to believe I had a relationship jinx and the jinx was as soon as I framed a photo of me and my beau - the relationship would end. Seriously. They did. Each time. It was weird. And I've heard from other friends that they have similar jinx stories. Needless to say, there are no pictures of me and the manfriend anywhere except on my blackberry. And I'm going to keep it that way for awhile.

So...the surprise that's in the today's title?
(backgrounder) Well, this Thursday, Auguts 13, across North America, is Miracle Treat Day from Dairy Queen where proceeds from the sale of every blizzard go to your local children's hospital. DQ is one of my accounts.

This morning I went to our local morning TV show with a couple of our hospital patients where they were going to ham it up and tell people about why they should go and buy a blizzard this Thursday. After their segment, I walked over to the fridge to get one of the siblings a blizzard when I turn around and see that I am actually on-air with the host. Everyone later tells me the best part was my face. I literally mouthed on breakfast television "Oh, my F%&$ing God, I'm on TV" and then turned and walked off. And it's not like I blended in with the grey of the background...I'm wearing the brightest coral top one has ever seen and it was even brighter on TV!! It's all in good fun and the entire studio high-fived me when I walked out of the building.

Geez Louise!

Have a super Monday!


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

and all that jazz!

denim capris (Zellers); white tunic (Costa Blanca); green belt (GAP); hoop earrings (Le Chateau); gladiator sandals (Spring)

I am going to see CHICAGO!!!!! The Play. The one that I star in in my dreams at night.

I am beyond excited. I nearly teared up when I got the tickets. You see...I had just told myself I wouldn't go and see it as I am trying really hard to save money. Then, a dear friend surprised me with 2 tickets to the show. I seriously sat teary-eyed at the gesture and at the excitement!

If you've read any of my blog, you'd know I am obsessed with rock...but just as crazy about Broadway!

Granted my posts have been a little sparse lately but I have been travelling for work (Quebec City where you all NEED to visit) and it's been event after event after event after event. This Saturday is the culmination of all events and then it's a little quiet for about a month.

Just in time for the manfriend to go on his European jaunt leaving me to actually rest. Poolside is my preference.

Hope you all can put a little jazz in your step today!


Thursday, June 11, 2009

GIVEAWAY....not mine

The adorable lady over at Clothed Much has a giveaway from Shabby Apple of a beauty of a turquoise dress! Who doesn't look good in turquoise!

Enter at http://clothedmuch.blogspot.com

*double hugs*

to golf or not to golf....is that the question?

denim capris (Zellers); black tshirt (from the office); gold flats (GAP); pearl studs (gifted)

The question isn't really whether I should golf or not, because I like golfing, the question is what to wear when I'm golfing. There is an entirely new world to golf attire. I made due today with my nice dark denim capris and an office logo'd tshirt, plus my cute yellow Nikes. I've decided to keep my outfits simple: khaki capris; solid coloured tshirts; a cute hat and cute shoes! I don't do plaid at all, let alone well, so that's out and forget about sporting a skirt. It gets wet and mucky out there.

I love dressing for the occasion!

Tonight I am having a kind of dress swap with one of my best friends. We're pretty close to the same body type though she's taller. We're both well-endowed; she's got fantastic legs so while I wear my dresses below my knee, they fall perfect on her. We have a mutual friend's wedding next weekend and instead of shopping for new stuff...we're going to try each other's on and see what we come up with. We did this last time we went to NY together too. We pretty much liked what the other person had brought with them so we wore each other's clothes. I love when that can be done. My sister is a size 2 while I am safely 6 times larger than that so needless to say - we don't swap often. Ha!

It's Thirsty Thursday and the sun's out! Enjoy all it has to offer!


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

didn't get to where i am by just shaking hands...

denim skirt (Reitmans); black top (Fairweather); thong sandals (Spring); disc earrings (Suzy Shier); headband (Suzy Shier)

I am currently obsessed with Nickelback. They are an awesome Canadian rock band and keep turning out great album after great album after great album. I missed their show the last time they were in my town because of a work event I had the next day and I thought I'd be too tired after the concert. WTF?? Who am I and what happened to my brain that day?? I keep hoping with a new album out that they'll come around again soon....

I am also currently loving myself and my outfits this week! Very rock based for me - as rock as work appropriate can go - and these thong sandals are what makes the entire outfit...that and my big hair. I love big hair too! I am loving everything lately...even in the rain that doesn't want to leave. Though I am of the school of thought to let it rain all week so that the weekend will be sunny!

I have my first golf game of the season tomorrow. I started last year and really like it. One of my coworkers signed us up for a women's league on Thursday mornings. My game is at 7:00 a.m. I don't know if I like golf THAT much. But it'll be good practice and a great networking opportunity.

Hope you all get over the hump that is today.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

summer in the rain

white pants (Reitmans); black tunic (Costa Blanca); belt (Suzy Shier); black thong sandals (Winners); turquoise earrings (H&M); turquoise bracelet (H&M)

I feel very rock and roll today. The only part that sucks is wearing white pants and flat sandals and having to walk in the rain to the office...my pants were rolled to my knees to prevent any backsplash. It worked!

My mom sent me out to get her a black lace trimmed tank top last night - I ended up buying 2 maxi-style dresses too. Geez louise, eh? I told myself I will wear them all summer and that they were for Greece. I always looked at those women who wore the maxi dress with envy; thinking I would look like a hippo - shapeless - plus, most are strapless or spaghetti strap which a well-endowed lady like me can't do. One of the ones I bought is halterish in style and the other is a crossover top so they work with a bra! I am super excited to be able to fit in with the crowd. Ha!

I had this conversation with a coworker friend last night. She had given me a compliment and I brushed it off as per usual. Then we started discussing how we are very hard on ourselves. Already Pretty by Sal, a blogger I love to read, often writes these thought provoking and very intuitive pieces about loving oneself simply because you're worth it. I definitely live by this mantra and try to make my friends see the good in them too. Funny thing is I am absolutely hardest on myself. I view myself as cute and at times pretty but never hot or sexy. I save that definition for my hot gal pals. 'Cause that's what they are. My manfriend makes me feel like the prettiest, hottest and sexiest girl around - even after meeting my awesome friends. I know one's self-worth should never be measured by how hot someone thinks you are but not gonna lie...it sure feels really good when someone says they think you are.

Does that make me vain?


Monday, June 8, 2009

working rock star

black pants (Reitmans); black and white print top (Dynamite); black and white heels (Winners); silver hoops (Laura); silver bracelets (Club Monaco & Pom Pom)

Greetings and Salutations!

My weekend was astounding! The bachelorette party was so much fun...it was the perfect mix of chiling by the pool in the afternoon sun and partying it up at night on the town. I wore my new little black dress that my mama got me as a birthday present - for anyone who knows me, this is a big deal since I'm usually a jeans and cute top girl. I dress to be girl-hot not always guy-hot...but I was guy-hot. Ha!

I went to a museum exhibit yesterday to see Mummies - Secrets of the Pharaohs. It was very cool! Egypt simply fascinates me. From the pyramids, to mummification. They were beautiful people who loved living life and never feared death. We should all be so lucky and live life like that.

I'm in black and white today. Rocking the glam chic look at work. I feel like I should go out for drinks afterwards to not waste such a great outfit...ever have a really great outfit or hair day and no where to show it off to??


Friday, June 5, 2009

mon obsession du jour

It's been awhile since I've obsessed about my daily obsessions...this one is a must!!

Feet. You should be obsessed about your feet.
They do so much for you.

When I was younger, and didn't have a lot of money to spend on quality over quantity, I would squeeze my feet into shoes I shouldn't have; I would wear 3 and 4 inch heels all day and walk with them to and from work; I would tear up my heels; blister my toes...I did not treat my feet well. At all.

As I'm getting older, I fully realize the importance of foot care. I'm now obsessed. I got my first pedicure a year ago and subsequently, treated myself to one every 3 weeks after that. I also changed how I wear my shoes. I wear comfy (and cute) flats or runners to and from work and change into the fashion shoe once there. I also kick my shoes off under my desk while I'm sitting. This not only helps my feet breathe and relax, but also prolongs the life of my shoes. I now buy quality over quantity and want them to last me a long time.

Please folks...on behalf of all tender tootsies...be sweet to your feet!

*double hugs*

finally fabulous friday!!

trouser jeans (Reitmans); white top (Banana Republic); navy heels (Nine West); clear bead necklace (Banana Republic); studs (Banana Republic)

I almost wore Banana Republic jeans today too! But was too lazy to get them from the laundry room. Then today would have been a BR day!

My birthday was wonderful. No exclamation needed. It was perfect. The new manfriend met the best friend and they got along great! Definite exclamantion needed.

Tonight I have a date night with him and have chosen to eat at a burger place called The Works. There are like 100 toppings you can put on your burger! My coworkers have been telling me about their favourites...everything from mac'n cheese to peanut butter and cream cheese to peppercorns and horseradish. I'm super psyched! All about a burger joint. Ha!

I went dress shopping with my mom last night so she could find something to wear to my goddaughter's wedding in a few weeks. While she didn't find anything for herself, I bought myself another dress. I was super proud of myself...I tried on a bunch of stuff and styles I never would have thought would look good! I found way too many things I liked and showed great restraint while shopping...I have to save for Greece so I keep that in the back of my mind. Plus, am thinking of a winter getaway to a beach someplace so need to save for that too. And...NY in December. Rockefeller Centre here I come!

Have a fantastic weekend bloggers!


Thursday, June 4, 2009

it's my birthday, and i'll cry if i want to...

white pants (Reitmans); silver top (Winners); black and grey cardigan (Forever 21); silver flats (GAP); silver hoops (Laura); silver necklace (birthday present from manfriend!)

Why am I crying on my birthday?? Because everyone is showing me so much love! I truly truly truly feel blessed today. I awoke with a smile on my face and came into work only to receive loving and happy voicemail messages, email messages and even a balloon-o-gram!! I never really celebrate my birthday - ususally because I'm always working it, and they've never been a big deal in our house growing up. Let me tell ya - I was missing out! I just love the love. Love.

I also love my outfit today...I feel very New York chic. You know when you look at someone and they just ooze style out of their pores....well the ideal in my head is a woman walking the streets of New York in a wide-leg trouser and a very monotone colour palette with flats. It just screams chicness and style to me. Plus, being a larger gal, everyone always says to go for the black. Steer clear of light pants. I bought these last year for $15 and have definitely gotten my money's worth out of them! Style knows no bounds, right?

I had a lovely lunch with my beau and we'll be going for ice cream tonight after dinner. He gets to meet my brother and sister...should be fun!


Wednesday, June 3, 2009



The lovely lady over at Things A Boutique Owner Sees is giving away an awesome necklace!
Check it..and her...out!

we're not in kansas anymore...

black pants (Reitmans); black and white top (Winners); ring (Aldo); earrings (Le Chateau); black and white heels (Payless)

Why am I not in Kansas anymore? I had a meeting this morning at our Governor General's office. She is the Queen representative in Canada...and they were installing a metal detector at the front entrance to her residence. Now, people have always been allowed to visit the residence and see a large part of the GG's home. It's just funny that after all these years, they have now decided there is a need for such a precautionary measure. I understand why but it was a little sad to think about. If it isn't safe at the GG's house - then where is it safe??

I woke up this morning, and spent a good portion of my morning thinking it was Tuesday. How great it was to find out in fact, it is Hump Day! And only 2 days left to the weekend! It's my birthday weekend as well as my goddaughter's bachelorette! It's going to be fun!! And I have some fun clothes to wear too! I hope to post some pics since there will be tons taken!

The weather here is FINALLY beautiful! Sunny and warm! While I love it, I also don't look all that forward to summer dressing but will make the most of it since summer isn't here for very long.

Hope you all have some sun where you are :)


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

terrific tuesday

grey pants (Laura); denim dress (Zellers); beaded necklace (gifted); pearl studs (gifted); grey heels (Winners)

As I was making my Polyvore this morning, I went to touch my necklace to compare it with the picture and found it wasn't there! A coworker was with me in my office when I realized it fell into my shirt and bra so I pulled it out and it was quite the sight! Nothing like starting your morning off with a really good laugh!

My manfriend (not quite at boyfriend/girlfriend status yet) gave me a Starbucks card last night - just because. I love just because gifts. I often give my friends and family just because gifts. So, I was really touched - and it's just a Starbucks card. I really really really like him. And it's not just the Starbucks card. Ha!

This is another easy go-to outfit and I haven't worn it in awhile. I love grey and yellow together. Such a nice contrast. And other than the few pieces I bought myself 2 weekends ago for a business trip, I have not and will not be shopping until Greece. Even then, I'm going to hit up some cheapy places for little skirts and dresses - easy to pack and great to hang around the village in.

Happy Tuesday blog pals!


Monday, June 1, 2009

oh, happy day!

denim trousers (GAP); black turtleneck (GAP); black tank (Fairweather); bracelet (?); pearl studs (gifted); cream and navy stacked heels (Winners)
This is a happy day! We just completed another successful Telethon and raised $6.175 million dollars! I am a happy camper. My boss is a happy camper. And many kids will be happy campers too.

Since it's a bit of a lazy hazy hokey pokey kinda day...jeans and a turtleneck it was for me. My go-to outfit, plus, it's chilly here!! It's June 1 and chilly!

It was a fantastic working weekend! Who knew those words would ever be seen together in a sentence, eh??

June is going to be a busy one too...we have a 5K walk to organize, our Teddy Bears' Picnic at the end of the month and I'm gone to Quebec City on a business trip for a week! I've already started thinking about what to pack and bring. There will be 3 business meetings and then 3 nights out. Not including the flight there and flight back outfits. I am looking forward to it though! I've never been there and we're staying in a castle! Love.

Happy Monday!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

purple - the colour of royalty and Prince

black pants (Reitmans); purple top (Laura); black wrap (GAP); black tank (Dynamite); purple shoes (Le Chateau); silver hoops (gifted); silver ring (?)

I'm in mid-arm-toning season so wearing sleeveless tops doesn't always sit that well with me. Funny thing - I bought 2 sleeveless wrap tops this past weekend. How do I get around this dilemma? In the past I wouldn't have bought them or would have let them sit in my closet. Now, thanks to the fashion blog world, I layer like a pro and have gotten so much more use out of my closet. With the top ensemble I've got sporting today - I found 2 skirts that would look awesome with it - making summer dressing a much easier task than I anticipated.

My favourite season is fall. I love fall clothes - the excitement of back-to-school shopping (even though I'm done school!) Summer has always been the exact opposite. I feel like my pasty white flabby parts are overexposed. I have since learned to love linen and dresses and skirts and pedicures and deal with short sleeves and -gasp- even go sleeveless sometimes! I've especially had to embrace the summer since I'll be in Greece for some of it and it won't be sweater weather.

Tomorrow is one of our Radiothons. It's the local country station that runs it and country music by its very nature is sadder than normal. Even for an upbeat song! So it lends itself well to children's stories. They are long days for me. Up at 3:00 a.m. and in bed around 10:00 p.m....only to do it over again for 3 days. Needless to say, I will be setting up my outfits for the next 3 days tonight. Talk about good preparation!


Monday, May 25, 2009

brown and pink...all in sync

pink and brown dress (Zellers); blue cardigan (Zellers); pink tank (Fairweather); pink and brown heels (Winners); pearl studs (gifted)

I won't comment on how it's been awhile...but it's been awhile!

That seems to be the norm with some of the blogs I follow though...my excuse is that this month is the busiest in my office. We have 2 radiothons and a telethon...this week is the busiest of my life. A radiothon leading up to a telethon. We call it the best and worst times of working here - but it makes me realize and remember how much I love my job and why. It is truly all about the kids!

The dress I'm wearing today is actually different than in the picture - it's brown, pink and cream horizontal stripes all the way down the dress. And I contemplated wearing a yellow shoe for a triad of colours but thought that may be a little much for work today :) Plus, I haven't worn these brown and pink puppies for awhile.

I have definitely been a busy bee these last few weeks and none of it included shopping (until this past weekend). I have met a wonderful new guy and it's so much fun in the beginning of a relationship, isn't it? The excitement of getting togetherl; the butterflies when he holds my hand; the smile on my lips when I see his name on my phone or in my inbox. I hope it isn't a spring fling but flinging I shall do for now anyways! Ha!
I am doing really well at embracing myself and my body and being happy as well. For instance, wearing a dress that hits my knee when I hate my legs...I didn't even think twice about it today!

As I mentioned - I went shopping and bought myself 2 spring suit jackets, 2 wrap-around tops and a super cool ring - white stone with a star-fish dangling off the side. It'll be my summer Greece ring. All these clothes I bought myself to wear on a business trip to Quebec City in June. I love showing up with new clothes...even though no one else knows it but me. It puts just a little bit more of a spring in my step!

I love getting inspiration and motivation from all your blogs! Thanks for inspiring and motivating me! Oh...and I'll be able to post real me photos soon too! Yay!


Tuesday, April 28, 2009


denim trousers (Reitmans); tie dye top (Charlotte Russe); boots (Jovene); bangles (gifted); earrings (Le Chateau)

I got the most amazing parking spot today! Right beside the building and completely by accident. I was about to leave the full parking lot when I noticed a guy walking to his car - so in true parking stalker form - I followed him and he stopped at the first car! I gave him 2 thumbs up (because I am a true geek) and he laughed. Yay for me on a rainy day.

And why is it rainy?? Yesterday was 33 degrees...and today it's 10. I think Mother Nature PMS's sometimes too.

I have a date tonight! I met him briefly for coffee 2 nights ago but that doesn't really count as a date - more like a meet. And we've already made plans to spend all of Saturday together. I am smitten so far :)

And have a new top to wear on the date.

You know...for a rainy day - I sure have a lot of sun shining on me.


Monday, April 27, 2009


brown capris (Suzy Shier); magenta top (Charlotte Russe); brown wedges (Sears); earrings (Dynamite)

I'm back!! I know how you missed me so :)

I really missed this though I've gotta admit. Seeing what's going on with your blogs, outfits, ideas, laughs...I really understand how this is a community.

The past 2 weeks have been the busiest I have ever had! It was great - media launches, hospital tours, sponsor visits...but it left me utterly exhausted. I am gearing up for our Telethon in one month and am excited because this is the BEST TIME to be me at my job! And look good while doing it!
I never repeated an outfit - in fact, haven't since I started the blog in January. I think that's pretty awesome.
This past weekend, a girlfriend and I went shopping to Watertown, NY which is a 3 hour drive for us and I wasn't planning on buying much of anything. Then I walked past Charlotte Russe. We don't have it in Canada and my girlfriend who lives in NY once took me there - and it was great. It was just as great this time around too! I only brought $100 US with me to spend and I did - successfully! 7 tops and 3 earrings. And the very best part is that no one else here will be wearing what I have on! hehehe It's not that I'm vain - but I hate when everyone is so cookie-cutter and doesn't think to make an outfit their own. Anyways, I digress...

Great shopping in the States...wish I could go there more. Oh wait, am going for the long weekend in May! Hooray!!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I'm such a bad blogger! It's not my fault. Really.
These last 2 weeks have been insanity at work and the rest of this week, and next, promise to be much of the same.
What sucks is that I've been rocking my outfits though! Geez, I need a camera.

Hope you are all well...I have a ton of blog reading to do...hope you're staying fashionable!


Thursday, April 9, 2009

i, um, have a bf

jeans (GAP); sweater (Simons); tank (Fairweather); booties (Payless); pearl studs (gifted)

The office came out in spades today for the egg-decorating contest! I'm so proud of them! I feel like a mom. We only have one prize pack though, for which I feel bad, but that was what we decided and in life sometimes there's just one winner. I think I just take these things too personally and seriously. I need to get over it hehehehe

In addition to showing you my outfit choices everyday, you will also occasionally read about my dating escapades now that I am in the real wide world of having to date again. I've never really dated - I always just got into relationships. So, this is kinda fun. Sometimes. Let me tell you about this new one...about a week ago my sister took me to a gym class with her since she had a free pass. We spotted this super cute guy on a treadmill and we had been discussing what kinds of moves to make on guys (we're liberal females and it doesn't always have to be up to the guy, right?) So, she says you should just give him your number. I was soooo nervous. And honestly thought I was going to vomit - and I hadn't even done anything yet! In the end, I did it. I approached the treadmill because he was on cool down and had jotted my initial 'V' and cell number on a piece of paper and said 'call me!' with a huge grin on my face. He looked perplexed and I left still with the vomit in my throat but also a good odd feeling that I had done it. My sister couldn't even believe it!

On the way home we discussed it and then doubts started creeping into my head. What if he has a girlfriend and she's the one who calls me to b*tch-slap me for trying to steal her man. What if he thought I was horrid-looking. Oh well. What's done is done. And I honestly had forgotten about it because I never go to her gym to workout.
Last night, he texted me! And this is what it said....

"Hi, V. Sorry it took so long for me to contact you - I'm super flattered and think we should get together for a coffee. You should know however that I, um, have a bf."

What if he is gay - that possibility never crossed my mind. So, I wrote back with um, are you serious? You can be straight up with me - I won't be offended. To which he replied, definitely. We should meet for coffee - you seem fun! I'm impressed you had the gazangas to approach me.

I've decided to actually meet him for coffee...he's super cute in any case, but most of all because he used 'gazangas' in a sentence! I love that!

Sigh. The mistrials and mistribulations of my love life.
Have a great weekend...it's a super long one for me! I have been waiting for this week to end and am so happy it's almost over. Happy Easter!


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

what the ....??

Why on earth does the washroom at work smell like food at random times throughout the day?? I am slightly repulsed at the idea of food in the washroom to begin with so when I walk in there to do my lady duties only to be hit in the face with the stence of bacon or cake or something very heavy in food scent - my stomach instantly flip-flops!

Someone brought in an air freshener. Only this air freshener smells of fresh baked hot apple pie when it's sprayed. More food smell. In the washroom. This must be the same person who brings their food in with them.


my bus driver

grey pants (Laura); blue top (Smart Set); black tank (Fairweather); navy shoes (Winners); silver bangle (Club Monaco); drop earrings (Tristan)

My face usually reads like a book. I have puppy dog eyes when I'm sad; they shine when I'm happy and I scowl when I'm frustrated. Needless to say I'm not a good poker player. I get too excited with a good hand and give it all away! Today is a frustrating day at work and so far most of my coworkers have apporached me to ask what's wrong and I hadn't even spoken a word yet.
I used to hate that everyone could read my emotions but after working at a children's hospital - I don't mind so much anymore. I'm a good, empathetic, happy person and usually I make everyone feel better about their day and themselves. I guess it's only right that I let it happen for me too.

I split my commute to work - either drive or take the bus - depending on my work schedule and meeting with sponsors and such. I don't mind taking the bus. The route isn't too long and I can get some reading done that I often find I don't have much time for otherwise. The driver on my first bus is a singing bus driver. I love it! Not everyone shares my joy it seems. This morning he announced that if anyone doesn't want him to sing, to please tell him when they board the bus and he won't sing for the stretch of road that he usually does. It was the saddest thing I think I've heard in a really long time. Who takes offence to a sweet older gentleman who sings these happy-go-lucky songs for all of 6 minutes on a long farm road?!?! I don't think I will ever understand mankind. Fortunately for this driver, many people on the bus felt the same as me and we encouraged him to sing his tune. He always gets a small round of applause and everyone on the bus is smiling after they leave. Why would anyone not want to start their day that way?

So, I'm pretty sure he doesn't read my blog about the clothing choices I make, I am dedicating today's blog to him - and to the other people in this world who try to make everyday a little bit of a nicer place. I hope you all enjoy a day full of song yourselves!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

mulligan to gow

black pants (Reitmans); red top (Le Chateau); black tank (Fairweather); black peep-toe (Sears); yellow necklace (Le Chateau)

It is snowing today. And staying on the ground. Not melting. Ugh.

I know my black pants always say Reitmans and that's because they fit me the best. I've tried, and continue to try, pants at other stores but these serve my needs and I own many pairs of them. It's a pretty safe bet that when it comes to my lower half and pants - they're from that one store. Put it all on black my friends. She's a winner!

I'm also not fully a fan of pairing a solid colour with a solid black pant/skirt/whatever is covering my behind. Sometimes I feel as though it is a very stark contrast. The black tank breaks it down a bit more and the punch of yellow kicks the entire thing into high gear. I almost wore my yellow heels too but then felt too matchy-matchy. My junior high English teacher - I remember her as the very first fashionista I knew. She matched EVERYTHING. The outfit that sticks in my mind the most was comprised of turquoise. All of it. The pant suit (yup - it was 1991). The tank top. The earrings. The shoes. The nylons (I hate the word pantyhose). The head barrette (a grown woman with a barrette. Multiples actually). Sigh. Love her. Funny the things one remembers...I don't want to say she was my inspiration but she did influence me to never match. Kids always made fun of her - as kids tend to do - and I never wanted to be that.

Onto a completely random note...we have an egg-decorating contest here on Thursday. I will be trying to make my egg quirky and fun. I foresee something with feathers. Feathers just scream fun, don't you think?

When I began today's blog, I had tons to say...now that I am writing it, I am at a loss for words. I'm blaming it on the piece of brownie I had over lunch. The sugar is messing with my head. And making me type really really quickly.


Monday, April 6, 2009

hounding the stooth

black pants (Reitmans); black vneck (GAP); brown houndstooth capelet (Le Chateau); booties (Winners); earrings (ALDO)

My cape is actually a brown houndstooth print...reason #432 I need a camera...to show my true daily outfit :)

My weekend was fabulous! Friday night found me being served by our local firefighters...it was a spaghetti dinner fundraiser. Let's just say it was yummy. And the food wasn't bad either...hehe
Saturday I vegged. All day. All night. I loved it. And it was definitely needed. Sunday I had a work breakfast and then my goddaughter's bridal shower. She was totally surprised which I love because no one gets surprised anymore!! She was crying and the entire afternoon was a delight! I love a good surprise and was happy this one turned out to be.

I'm considering a birthday trip for myself to New York. I have some friends down there and one of my closest girlfriends lives in Long Island - plus, did you hear?? TopShop opened in Soho. I definitely need to check that out!


Friday, April 3, 2009

mon obsession du jour

all headbands (Forever 21)

This week I am obsessing about headbands.

There are cute ones to be found anywhere and everywhere! My sister and I scour dollar stores for fun ones all the time. Many bloggers I follow are spectacularly talented at creating their own hair creations. I would glue-gun my fingers together.

I am pretty lucky in that I only really have to wash my hair every 3 days or so...and on that 3rd day it's a ponytail day. If, for some reason, I can't wash it for a 4th day (like at summer camp) the headband comes in super handy!

Today's headbands are:

- pretty and chic (their feather and bow accents make them oh so cute!)

- functional (growing out your bangs? no one needs to know)

- add pizzazz (self-explanatory...who the heck doesn't like pizzazz?!)

- inexpensive (hold out and buy them on sale or make them yourself...no need to break the bank when there are tons of options out there)

Our hair makes a statement whether we think so or not. Why not accessorize it too?


p.s. and it isn't just a trend for the younguns...keeping the band thin with a bit of a bow for work makes you look chic - save the flowers, feathers and sequins for your down time

Thursday, April 2, 2009

greece lightning!

jeans (Reitmans); white top (GAP); boyfriend cardigan (Joe Fresh); grey pashmina (Fairweather); vintage Pumas (Winners); pearl studs (gifted)

It's official...I put a deposit down on my trip to Greece! I'm super stoked!

My plan of action is to save money (to shop there of course), get fit (ie lose some weight) and figure out what and how to pack for 3 weeks. In Greece. Did I mention I'm going to Greece? :)

This past week I have beyond snoozed on my alarm clock. Pretty much I've gotten my wash the face, get dressed and grab everything for work down to the minute that I just get lazier each day. Not good. I will be recharging this weekend and preparing outfits and lunches and be invigorated for the busiest 3 months in our office.

My coworker is still on me to be set-up with not one, but two men she knows and thinks I'd be a good match with. I've discovered that the magic question to ask when one tells you they have someone for you to meet is 'why do you think we'd be a good pair?' It weeds out the superficial answers (though having a great body does not go overlooked) but also it gives me the opportunity to view how others see me and what I may be looking for. My sister always points out these 'gino' guys she thinks I'd be attracted to when it couldn't be farther from the truth. I'm into shaved head, Vin Diesel kinda guys. Rockers with a little meat on them.

In Grease, my favourite character is Kinicky. This may also be because I like to think that I'm Rizzo.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

happy month

black pants (Reitmans); turtleneck (GAP); white tunic/dress (Costa Blanca); purple belt (San Francisco); pearl studs (gifted); black heels (Winners); bow headband (Dynamite)

In Greek, we say 'Happy Month' (it loses something in the english translation) on the 1st of every month. It's for luck and to bring prosper for any task to be done over the next 30 or so days.

I am taking this opportunity to go on a wild savings spree. Shop in my closet as many of the bloggers I read have been, and also just not shop at all. I don't 'need' for anything and I've become pretty good at changing up my wardrobe with inspiration from so many sources. Summer will be here before I know it and Greece is calling my name...plus, my travel agent called me today with a lower price for my ticket and that kinda kick-started the need for me to save even more than I have been. Somewhere in between paying for all the wedding bonanzas going on, as well as the regular bills and such, I will find extra cash to shop in Europe. They have the best shoes...and frankly, I am all about the shoes! And I want to spend a week on an island on my behind doing nothing. That prospect excites me even more than shoes.

I also found out that in French April Fool's Day is called 'Poisson d'Avril' which loosely means April Fish. I had never heard this expression before in all of my 30 years and I was even partly educated in French. Too funny! Kids would spend the morning making paper fishes and then sticking them on other's backs without them knowing. I used to do that with Post-Its. Rebel. I know.


Tuesday, March 31, 2009

working girl

pants (Reitmans); top (Winners); clear bead necklace (Banana Republic); pearl studs (gifted); black wedges (Winners)

Working Girl is one of my favourite movies ever! I had some meetings this morning and when walking back to my office with my trench and carrier bag - I caught a glimpse of myself in a window and the image of Melanie Griffith popped into my head! Umm, I look nothing like Melanie Griffith - I have dark brown eyes, dark brown hair, shorter, curvier...but I looked very 'working girl', plus, it was on tv over the weekend :)

The concert was amazing! Even better than the one I saw in the fall. What was hilarious though is that women were throwing their panties and bras on stage at the guys - even some flashing going on. This didn't even happen at Motley Crue when Tommy Lee came on stage. All those pent-up teen hormones must have been out in spades! Too funny!

I have more bridal shower shopping to do tonight. While I like the idea of a gift registry, I often find myself shopping outside of the suggested for a couple of reasons - I know the bride personally so I can find her something else she would like, and, more importantly, I can usually find items for much less than the retail price. And saving money is the name of the game, especially when for one bride there is an engagement party, bridal shower, stag and doe, bachelorette party and the wedding. Then multiply that same scenario by 4 and that's what my summer looks like. Truth be told, I'd rather spend my money on what I'm going to wear....


Monday, March 30, 2009


skirt (GAP); turtleneck (GAP); black tank (Fairweather); purple tights (Addition Elle); black bead necklace (Banana Republic); pearl studs (gifted); black heels (Winners)

This is exactly what I look like today! Mind you I'm not so gargantuan in stature but the Polyvore outfit actually does my real outfit justice. And...I'm rocking the purple tights! I bought them a couple of weeks ago and they are so soft - I know I'm not too rebellish with the all-black ensemble but baby steps, plus, my office leans more toward the corporate so I don't want to shock everyone. Mondays are bad enough. In fact, I think my purple will brighten their day.

Tonight is the NKOTB concert! I saw them in September and am so psyched to see them again tonight! I wasn't allowed to attend concerts when I was a kid so I'm reliving my youth. The entire stadium is filled with 25 - 45 year old women. It's awesome! I'll just be swapping my skirt for some jeans. Comfort is key...with a little chic thrown in.

My weekend was fantastic! It started with attending a dance club that now opens on Fridays and they were mixing down 90s music all night - along with $5 drinks. Fantastical. The best part is that the club only had like a dozen people in it (the new night is really very new) and we had the entire club to ourselves. Plus, got to schmooze with the night managers so now we have an 'in' for their super busy Saturday nights. It pays to love 90s music. Well, I think so :)

I took my campers out to the movies this weekend. Saw Monsters vs Aliens in 3D. So cool. The 5-year-old brother of my camper tells me in a not-so-quiet voice that he and his sisters don't like Hannah Montana (this came after we just see a HM commercial). Before I can ask why he says she does bad things with boys. Whoa. I think half the theatre turned around to see where the comment had come from and I had to bite the inside of my cheek to not burst out in laughter! Out of the mouth of babes, right?


Friday, March 27, 2009

to fun and frivolity

jeans (Banana Republic); turtleneck (GAP); black tank (Dynamite); brown booties (Jovene); necklace (Le Chateau); pearl studs (gifted)

Who doesn't do the Friday countdown, right?

I have the busiest next few weeks...it all started last night with a cocktail work reception I had to attend and continues well into my weekend...a birthday shindig tonight, dinner and movies with my camper kids over the weekend, NKOTB on Monday! Super stoked!

And I'm ahead of the game with knowing what I'm wearing to each event and it's steamed and pressed and good to go! Time is of the essence it seems because it never fails that something last minute almost always arises that would essentially cut into my prep time. I'm ready!

My fabulous friends are on the look-out to set me up. I do appreciate the love and am honestly looking forward to more date stories I can share :) but it also makes me a little nervous. I've always just kind of 'fallen' into relationships and never really 'dated' per se. I get butterflies now just thinking about it - but good fluttery butterflies - not nauseating can't eat anything butterflies.

So, blog buddies, I wish you all a fun and frivolous weekend!


Thursday, March 26, 2009


This is quite possibly the most fashionable child ever.

Her mom is also a gorgeous lady so it's no wonder.

Makes you think though - is one born with a keen sense of style or is it learned?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

mon obsession du jour

(from the top) Zoran Dobric; Nada; Carlie Wong

Canadian Designers = Current Obsession.

I was watching segments from Toronto's Fashion Week over the weekend and they were showcasing their Fall/Winter 2009 Collections (my favourite time of year!) and there are so many outstanding Canucks making their mark in the fashion world - I love it!

I am extremely proud to be a Canadian. I have discovered in some of my more recent jaunts around the city, a few boutiques carrying exclusively Canadian clothiers and jewellers and it's refreshing to be able to support the arts in your country. Fashion is definitely in the arts category and whereas years ago it would have been extremely difficult to find a department store that may carry a few pieces of something a Canadian created, now I can find an entire shop of items to choose from.

This doesn't take away any of the choices I can get from my friends across the border - but there is something to be had if I'm ever asked the question "Who are you wearing?" and I can reply "oh so-and-so, a fantastic Canadian designer".

*double hugs*

meetings schmeetings

black suit (Reitmans); white shell (Banana Republic); yellow shoes (Spring); necklace (Banana Republic); pearl studs (gifted)

What a day! I got into work and it was meeting after meeting after meeting. I'm now in between meetings and writing a blog post. Dedication.

It's a gorgeous day today and I can't wait to go home and clean. You read it right. Clean. I want to finish all the spring cleaning now so I don't have to do it when the even more gorgeous weather is here. I intend to spend my time outdoors enjoying the sun and finding new haunts in the city. One of my favourite things to do here. The nation's capital. Let me know if you're ever near - we'll hook up!

As you may have noticed, the yellow shoes are out again. I got tons of compliments on them today...guess the black and white ensemble really shows off the incredible colour. I feel super springy today even with the black suit. It's all the colour in the accessories...I'm doing really well so far at keeping outfits light in colour. I'm even going to try and make some colour combinations over the next few days and weeks to see what I can come up with. I find when I dress bright, I feel bright. I'm sure there's some scientific research proving this theory.

I hope you all enjoy bright days wherever you are :)


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

rayon? oh, it's on!

black pants (Reitmans); taupe top (Banana Republic); black heels (Winners); bib necklace (The Bay); drop earrings (Reitmans)

I will never buy anything with 'rayon' again. I didn't know this material causes clothes to wrinkle quicker than ice cream melting on a hot day! I steamed my shirt this morning and 20 minutes later after getting into work, it looks like I picked it up from underneath a pile of heavy clothing. Boo. My coworker told me it's the rayon. Sigh.

I'm also not feeling my outfits the last two days...it's mainly because they have been quick go-tos instead of thinking about an outfit the night before. In retrospect, my shirt doesn't look at all like the Polyvore one - except for the taupe colour. Instead, it's a short-puffy-sleeved button down v-neck. There's a visual for ya! My favourite part of the outfit is the gold bib necklace I bought over the weekend. I went in looking for shower gifts and left with a little gifty for me. (I also ended up buying full fishnets, purple tights and brown booties...but I digress)

I finally watched Twilight the movie - I'm about to start reading the 3rd book in the series - and I know some of you will not be happy with my assessment but I wasn't that thrilled with the film. Mind you, the same thing happened with the Harry Potter movies. The stories are so close to the books that I find myself bored with what I'm watching. I loved the filming though (like a homemade movie) but it didn't really capture my attention overall. I will still however watch all the others when they come out. I'm a movie buff.


Monday, March 23, 2009

i love love

black pants (Reitmans); black and white top (Suzy Shier); black cami (Fairweather); black heels (Winners); silver hoops (H&M); charm necklace (H&M)

I love love. I love the light that it gives people. I love the light that it gives me.

Some dear friends got married yesterday and a more perfect day they couldn't have tried to make. They radiated with happiness and oozed love out of their pores. Can't wait until someone says that about me :)

What is it about weddings that just makes every impossible feat somehow seem possible. Like the world is yours to take over and rule.......aaaaand, scene ~ I'm done with the sap talk now less anyone reading this starts to gag...

My weekend was lovely...I discovered frozen alcoholic drinks. You know those frozen fruit cocktails you can find at the frozen food section of the grocery store - you just add water to the frozen mix. Well, they come in daquari and margarita and mojito flavours. Just add alcohol. OH. MY. GAWD. Summer will never be the same and my poor blender will be in overdrive. I also discovered flowers at Costco (in the US, I think it's Sam's Club). You can get 2-dozen long-stemmed roses in any colour for $20. What the heck?? You can't make this stuff up!

In closing, frozen drinks and cheap gorgeous flowers. I am one happy gal!


Friday, March 20, 2009

power to the flower

dark denim (GAP); cream top (Banana Republic); flower heels (Spring); drop earrings (Reitmans); flower bracelet (H&M)

The flowers are aligning for me today...a gracious stranger bought me a coffee, I found a parking spot close to my building, I am having a catered lunch and dinner, the sun is shining, and life is beautiful.

I have the wedding of some close friends on Sunday and all weekend the weather is supposed to be glorious. Winter is over my friends and I am delighting in that notion. I don't like summer clothes though - I'm not one to bare arms but I'm getting better at liking mine and more confident in nature...I hope. I love skirts and wedge shoes ~ oh, and gladiator sandals so it really looks like I enjoy dressing for summer. If I force myself into the moment, I will learn to like it. That's what I did with winter too. I forced myself out on sunny days to do activities in the hopes it would feel as though it was passing faster - and it kinda did. Kinda.

My challenge for the upcoming months is to banish black and be happy with me. I've never been one to back away from a challenge :)

Have a wonderful weekend!


Thursday, March 19, 2009

even better than black and white

trouser jeans (Reitmans); zebra top (Winners); black tank (Fairweather); black belt (Suzy Shier); grey wedges (Winners); silver bangle (Club Monaco); silver hoops (Laura); bag (gifted)

What's better than black and white you say? Black and cream. I love the richness and warmth that comes from that colour combination. I commented the other day how I'm not a fan of yellow/orange with black because I think it looks too costumey, but when paired with grey...why, it looks wonderfully chic!

So, I had a date last night. Don't yippee yet.

A friend set me up with a mutual acquaintance thinking we'd get along famously. This morning I sent her an email expressing my interest in what ways she thinks we'd get along...I'll tell you why...He cooked dinner for me at his house. Very sweet and not a bad cook. I excused myself to the little girl's room before dessert - I came back into the living room and there was my date in all his naked glory. That's right folks - n.a.k.e.d. Now, I didn't feel threatened or anything in this situation (and I trust my gut); it was just oddly strange and super weird. No other way around it. I kindly asked him to put his clothes back on all the while running our dinner conversation in my head trying to figure out what messages I sent him and how he got the idea to remove his clothing. Perhaps he overheated; obviously he is very confident in nature. The kicker folks? I stayed for hot chocolate because I didn't know what else to do. I did however down that hot chocolate in 2 gulps and excused myself for the night. Welcome to the wide world of dating. Sigh.

Needless to say, I now have a story for the masses. That's me - always looking on the positive side of things...my world is never just black and white. There's a lot of cream thrown in for good measure.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

mon obsession du jour

Shoes. Mon obsession du life.

I feel as though these are the shoes that would cover all my fashion needs and wants for spring and summer.
Remember every Sex and the City episode where you waited with baited breath to see what was adorning Carrie's tender tootsies? This is the power of the shoe. Atleast, that's what it does for me. I base entire outfits around a shoe. Heck, I couldn't wait to run out and buy the exact same yellow pair of heels that I wore out last season. It makes a cloudy day sunny; It makes snow melt; It makes a sad person glad. Completely frivolous and absolutely fabulous!

But, dear friends, don't forget the only rule a summer shoe wearer must abide by....

The pedicure. Don't leave home without it.

*double hugs*

in order to be successful, you have to work hard

grey trousers (Laura); white tunic (Costa Blanca); purple belt (San Francisco); black heels (Winners); silver bangle (Club Monaco); pearl studs (gifted)

I wish I had a camera because this outfit looks much better on me than in a polyvore picture. I bought myself a white and black top/dress/tunic because I loved them both so much I couldn't decide which colour was better! I think the top/dress/tunic was originally made to be a dress but it's not legal for me to wear something at that length - trust me when I say no one wants to see that - so I paired it with a skinny leg and belt for better proportions. It worked! Rock glam. Sigh.

I am on a journey to better myself...physically, mentally, relationships, workwise - in all ways possible. I'm a good person. I'm a great person. I could be a greater person. At a meeting last night, the keynote speaker uttered a phrase that I have now post-it noted by my computer screen.

The phrase?

In order to be successful, you have to work hard.

Such a simple truth and utterly transferable to every aspect of life...well, to my life.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

'cause you gotta have faith

pants (Reitmans); suit jacket (Banana Republic); white shell (Banana Republic); yellow shoes (Spring); chain bracelet (Pom Pom); silver bangle (Club Monaco); pearl studs (gifted)

This suit is navy in colour, hence, the pairing of the yellow footwear. I don't like black and yellow together as it looks too costumey - same with black and orange. Just me.

I know you've been waiting with baited breath about whether I spent the 30% off coupon at selected retailers...well kids, I DID! I bought 8 items (4 at Banana and 4 at GAP) which came to $150. Gotta love me some coupons! And a nice assortment of items to carry me over in the winter-almost-over-not-quite-spring-but-I-want-new-clothes-to-feel-good season. My purchases included jeans, the suit jacket I'm wearing today, a couple of work tops, a skirt, turtleneck and tshirts. Love them!

As you can see from the last few posts, I have worn my yellow shoes TONS! See how I wore them out last season? Well, the other day I felt they had a tinge of green to them so I asked some coworkers and they all said the shoes were lime in colour. I don't want to believe it but even my eyes can see a bit of the green. Oh well...I adore them anyhow.

To balance out this sometimes vain and mindless blog about shoes and shopping, let me tell you what I've been doing the past couple of days. I work at a children's hospital and this week child representatives from each paediatric hospital in Canada are in the city to meet each other. They are the most inspiring part of my job - and the reason I LOVE my job. To hear these brave children speak so openly and be so forthcoming about their illness puts the world into perspective. Suddenly, having to walk an extra few minutes because you had to park far from your building or having to wait a bit in a drive-thru for your morning coffee means nothing. My troubles may be my troubles but I have never had to fight for my life - least of all when I was 5. Our keynote speaker was a child who has to use sign language to communicate. Our keynote speaker. You could hear a pin-drop in the room when she "spoke". Needless to say, a large part of my job involves crying. Happy tears, sad tears, tears of laughter and joy and sometimes sorrow. And I wouldn't trade it in for all the clothes in the world.


Friday, March 13, 2009

colour chameleon

trouser jeans (Reitmans); tan jacket (Mexx); red top (Costa Blanca); yellow shoes (Spring); necklace (Banana Republic); earrings (Dynamite)

Colour - two days in a row! This must be a sign that spring is indeed around the corner! Atleast it seems that it will be this weekend - can't wait for the great weather we're supposed to have!

I was inspired by a woman walking down the street the other day wearing tan and red...then a blogger that I read wore red and yellow...I put all 3 together! It worked really well - I have a feeling this is going to be a go-to outfit for the spring.

I received a 30% off coupon for the GAP, Old Navy and Banana Republic. I am really torn over whether I should shop or not. I am on a savings spree and don't really need anything. We'll see on Monday if I succumbed to temptation. I'm also going sapping on Sunday...some friends of mine have land at a sugar bush and it's time to collect the maple syrup! I've never done it before so I'm excited, plus, what a great way to spend time outdoors. Should be fun. Now, what does one wear to sap??


Thursday, March 12, 2009

mon obsession du jour

Oversize clutches. My obsession of the day.

Whoever decided to take the delicate, small clutch of yester-year and triple its size - I LOVE YOU...whoever you may be.

I simply adore the polish, pizzazz and fun that a large clutch adds to an outfit. Going out for brunch with the gals; heading out on a hot date; adding that little something extra to a wedding outfit. You can't go wrong with these. They are almost always simple in design as their size makes their statement.

To the nay-sayers who hate that they don't have straps...straps are over-rated. The clutch isn't for someone who is looking for hands-free practicality. It's a fashion statement - and a darn good one at that.

I leave you with this thought...imagine you are walking down your main downtown street wearing dark denim, a white shirt, statement necklace and wait for it, an oversize clutch. You are the envy of everyone around you. Stand loud and proud. The clutch demands it.

*double hugs*

i am spring; hear me roar

trouser jeans (Reitmans); sheer floral top (Winners); blue cardigan (Zellers); nude tank top (Fairweather); yellow shoes (Spring); pearl studs (gifted)

I am so full of colour today...you would never know that half my closet is composed of black clothing. And it's making everyone around me happy and giving them springs in their step. Glad I could make the day brighter, one bright shoe at a time.

My beloved yellow shoes are on my feet for another year. I wore OUT the pair I bought last year... I wore them all spring, summer and into the fall and then they were done. Yellow shoes just add an unexpected element to an outfit. Speaking of outfits, my brother was rocking a plaid shirt with a striped vest this morning. He is definitely a fashionista. He's tall and slim so clothes just fall on him so well...not that there's anything wrong with cute and curvy (which is me) - clothes just fall differently on my protruding hips than they do on his non-existent ones.

The sun is shining and it's Thursday and only one more day until the weekend. Tonight I will be heading with a friend to the hall where her wedding reception will be held. I am her decorator so we're getting a feel for the place. It's 2 weeks away! They're getting married in a sugar bush. I'm Greek...we don't have small weddings. Heck, our Sunday lunches are never less than 20 people around a table. This will be a different experience for me for sure. I'm looking forward to it!

In Twilight news, I finished the 2nd book in the series last night and can't wait to get the 3rd! I am tired this week mainly because I'm staying up way too late reading about vampires. Umm, good thing I don't have an over-active imagination. I'd never sleep otherwise.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

if only i drank coffee

black cropped pants (Reitmans); black tunic (Reitmans); knee high boots (Winners); earrings (gifted); latte (Starbucks)

Yesterday was pure craziness at work and I didn't even have time to post!

I've been house-sitting the past few days and when I left my house to go to the other house, I packed few things and made them light and versatile. In one word, black. So, today it's black but I am happy to report I still have yet to repeat an outfit since I began the blog. I've repeated items but none of my outfits felt old or redundant. I'm a happy camper.

There are days I wished I liked the taste of coffee...days like every day so far this week so the caffeine rush would help me charge through some work. Cappuccinos do it for me but leave an after-taste in my mouth (which I've been told is similar to what coffee does). I tried drinking it in university, it only put me to sleep. Though it hasn't been proven if exhaustion was the culprit in putting me to snooze or indeed the coffee.

Last night was the Motley Crue concert!!! It was awesome! I was looking forward to people watching but there weren't any real crazy outfits...sigh. Too bad. But there were tons of kids...like 6 year olds with their folks. On the one hand, absolutely cool that they're bringing their kids to a rock show. On the other hand, WTF are you doing bringing your kids to a rock show?? MC's slide show alone was too much for my eyes at times, let alone the conversations some parents had with their kids on the drive home from the concert. I would love to be a fly on a wall sometimes...actually, I would love for my super power to be invisible. Yup. I'm a creeper.


Monday, March 9, 2009

when it rains...

pants (Reitmans); green top (Banana Republic); cream tank (Fairweather); black heels (Winners): black fishnet stockings (Shoppers); flower bracelet (H&M); pearl studs (gifted)

I spent yesterday in Montreal...a more gorgeous day to window-shop and people-watch there hasn't been in awhile. And I did a little bit of real shopping too! A brand-spanking new H&M opened on St Catherine Street and that's where I spent my moola...I bought the flower bracelet I'm sporting today; a pearl and burnt gold chain necklace; a water-colour inspired giant clutch. I will love sporting that pretty purse around town!

Saturday night I had a friend's birthday dinner - I love dinner parties...and another friend's bachelorette which was a truly magical evening. Candles and flowers and decorations and we drank and laughed and talked into the wee hours and it was a wonderful night. Just what I want mine to be like! Low-key and fabulous!

I am house-sitting for the next few days and am sooo excited! They have a jacuzzi and I've been dreaming of soaking it up right after work...they've left me a bottle of wine, as well as food and all the comforts of home if I had my own place (a work in major need of progress).

I am also reading the 2nd book in the Twilight series...I read the 1st one last week and was hooked. I thought I'd finally check out what the hype is about and it's definitely living up to its hype potential...I love everything about how this storyteller tells her story. No wonder a bazillion readers have fallen in love with reading again.


Friday, March 6, 2009

black crack

jeans (Reitmans); cowl neck top (Tristan); black tank (Dynamite); black heels (Winners); black fishnet kneehighs (Fancy Sox); pearl studs (gifted)
It's the end of no black pants week! I did it! I also realized that since I started this blogging experience, I have yet to duplicate an outfit at work. And that was truly one of the reasons I wanted to start this work wardrobe blog. My conclusions about this - I have a lot of clothes. I just wasn't utilizing them to their potential - and even now I still have so much work to do. A journey I'm definitely looking forward to persuing.
Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

rock glam?

shiny pants (?); turtleneck dress (Reitmans); belt (Suzy Shier); gladiator heels (Winners); cuff (Le Chateau); pearl studs (gifted); headband (Dynamite)

My favourite fashion look truly is anything rocker. I love seeing shows where the designer has incorporated a little bit of rock with a little bit of glam. I figured since my closet has A LOT of black - why not try mixing it up with textures and see where it takes me. Tada! Today's outfit. Now, I know I challenged myself to no black pants...I'm cheating a little bit because these are a skinnier shinier black pant that I normally wouldn't wear to work.

I have joined a pool to vote for the winner of America's Next Top Model...Canada's version will be airing soon too! Not sure who I like - but there are many I really don't like. And WHY do they cry at their makeovers?? It's not like they weren't expecting a hair change. That just bugs me.

Tonight I'm off to yet another adult fun super store to find items for a friend's bachelorette. I've been told the one I'm visiting tonight is a lot raunchier than the others. There's even a 2-way mirror in the change rooms! Definitely gonna check that out...then it's off for chicken wings! How dorky am I? Well, I woke up this morning and the first thought in my head was how for dinner I'd be having beer and wings. Dressed like a rocker chic. Dreams do come true.