Tuesday, November 10, 2009

no man's blog land

Hey Hey Hey...

It has been awhile!

I read other blogs almost daily but don't think I've found my niche in this crazy land of the blog.
I love fashion and love that documenting my outfits helped me get more use out of my closet. It sucks though that I don't have a camera to be able to download the photos everyday...I may have discovered a way to do it and that would just be more fun anyways.

Life is fantastic right now!
I have a great man who loves me and I get to decorate his new condo! I may talk about that a bit now too. Work is great, family and friends are lovely. I like that the blog helps keep me positive.

So..to any readers out there :) I'll be back with a more definitive direction soon.

Have a terrific day!