Thursday, July 15, 2010

a pocket full of poses...

brown capris (Suzy Shier); cream top (Ricki's); shoes (DSW)

Well, no black and white today...instead neutrals :)

I wear both of these items all season long.

On their own in the summer and layered in the winter.

I sport a coat or jacket of some sort with the top (often under a suit) and wear tights and boots with the capris.

When I shop, I usually buy things I can wear all year - saves me some money and gives me full use of my closet all the time!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

am i allergic to colour?

white pants (GAP); black wrap top (GAP); brown tank (Fairweather); purple heels (Le Chateau); bracelet (H&M)

Why is it that the colour white seems to have so many rules associated to it?

Don't wear white after Labour Day.

Don't wear white shoes - ever.

Big girls shouldn't wear white pants.

Well, lady loves, I love white and every colour associated to it (creams, off-whites, etc) and believe they can be worn at all times.

Winter white is gorgeous!

White shoes look smart with the right outfit.

White pants rock my world.

Do you follow any "fashion rules"?


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

it's black, it's white.

harem pants (GT Boutique); top (Ricki's); black flats (ALDO); bracelet (Banana Republic); ring (Winners)

Hello lovelies!!

The pics are me trying to be "different". Ha!

It is hot here. Like hawt. Like I wish I was in Greece because it's not as hot there as it is here.

So, I am wearing sleeveless things. Yesterday this super cute white top (which I usually reserve for under suit jackets or cardis).

It is infinitely more important to me that I don't sweat a small puddle while walking around so sleeveless it is!


Friday, June 11, 2010

when it's a favourite

green top (Banana Republic); polka-dot sweater (Ricki's); jeans (Reitmans); shoes (Winners); necklace (Banana Republic)

This is one of my favourite shirts.

The sleeves are little caps; the colour is gorgeous; it's flowy but not too loose. Just lovely.

I ruined it over the weekend at a work event. I wore a chain necklace and it caught on the silky material. I was so bummed! For my birthday, my coworkers gave me a gift certificate to Banana Republic (my favourite place in the world, next to Winners) so I am hoping I find it there again.

This sweater surprises me. I have dressed it up; I have dressed it down. Who knew polka-dots would be so versatile. I honestly thought it would sit in my dresser and I wouldn't wear it often because it's so memorable. Love when things surprise me like that!

I am throwing a surprise baby shower for my goddaughter this weekend - I'll post lots of photos next week!

Have a wonderful weekend lovies!


Friday, May 28, 2010

grey day

pants (Laura); wrap top (Banana Republic); grey tank (Fairweather); shoes (Spring); ring (Banana Republic)

I am in love with the colour grey right now!

And one of my favourite combinations is grey and yellow. Swoon.

As you can see, wrapping is one of my favourite things to do. I recommend it to everybody! Ha!

Have a fantastic weekend!


Thursday, May 27, 2010

the b/f.

Pray for him. Indeed.
(please excuse the mess of a room behind him...we're in the middle of major cleaning!)


Wednesday, May 26, 2010


capris (Suzy Shier); top (Walmart); flats (Payless); ring (Banana Republic)

I am a shoe gal.

Love every kind of shoe - running shoes, sandals, peep-toes, flats, heels. I LOVE heels.

I do have a new appreciation for flats though. I wear them to work, from work and on weekends. Is it a sign of getting older that I can't handle high heels for long periods of time anymore?? Eek!

Going into Payless last week, I saw tons of super cute flats at great prices - so, in true shoe-nista fashion - I had to pick up a few pairs. It is a new season :)


Thursday, May 20, 2010

wrap it up!

cardigan (Forever 21); pants (Reitmans); grey tank (Fairweather); necklace (Banana Republic)

Since I wore a wrap top earlier in the week and liked how it looked on me, I decided to re-create a similar silhouette with an open front cardi. I love the material of this one - so soft!

I really like how it turned out. Some people thought it was a top and with the belt to the side, it looked like a one-piece.

So part of dressing my best means highlighting my small-ish waist. Ok :)


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

hanging out.

top (Winners); black capris (Reitmans); bead necklace (Jacob)

Nothing too exciting here.

I spied these capris hanging in my closet and then my eyesight fell on the purple top. A match was made!

Sorry it's so dark...I think my favourite pose is leaning against the wall. Ha!

Have a great hump day folks!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010


jeans (Reitmans); coral wrap-top (Banana Republic); black tank (Fairweather); earrings (ALDO); necklace (Pish Posh); ring (Banana Republic); shoes (Le Chateau)

I have discoverd that wrap-tops are super flattering on me.

I do have to be careful though because of the hefty heavies I carry up top. Ha! It can throw off my body proportions.

It's a long-standing joke between my b/f and I about dinner. He usually cooks and he has yet to see me really make him a meal. I'm a good Greek girl and let me tell ya, I can cook. Problem is, I can cook large quantities. I have to figure out how to tone it down for 2!

Last night I tried my hand at chicken cacciatore. I was actually really nervous to make it for him. In the past, I've made fajitas, egg mcmuffins, etc you know...little things. This was a meal. turned out AMAZING! Seriously. Am definitely gonna float my own boat here because it was delicious.

I can cook! Or atleast I have proven to my love that I can provide meals for him.


Monday, May 17, 2010


Sunday: jeans (Reitmans); grey top (Winners); black jacket (Reitmans)

Friday: brown capris (Suzy Shier); white top (Ricki's); denim jacket (GAP); statement necklace (Banana Republic)

Was it gorgeous weather where you were this past weekend?

It was amazing here!

Friday my boss let me go home early so I could run some errands and make dinner for some friends. I started off making quesadillas and they turned into fajitas! Super yummy nonetheless. My outfit was inspired by Kimberly at Fab Finds Under 50 (the first blog I ever started reading!) I've mentioned before how I love jewellery from Banana Republic and that's where this is from.

Sunday was so beautiful that the b/f and I went downtown to what we call our Market area. We ate lunch on a patio and strolled the outdoor vendors. I felt very chic walking about with my sparkly top. Sequins for day? Yes, please!


Friday, May 14, 2010

maxi dress (Winners); denim blazer (Winners); bracelets (don't remember)

Please excuse the look on my face. It was after a very long day and I was pooped!

I bought these wonderful maxi dresses last year (after discovering a few super flattering ones when I had thought that this was a trend I was going to have to pass on) and then noticed a few bloggers teaming them with a jacket to make them work-appropriate. Good job ladies!!

Great shoes, eh?? Ha! I teamed this get-up with some muted silver flats.

It was a perfect outfit for work and then super comfortable enough for me to wear to an outing at a museum.

Have a fabulous weekend!!


Wednesday, May 12, 2010


top (H&M); pants (Reitmans); shoes (Winners); necklace (Banana Republic)

I love this top.

I first ever saw it on a blog I read (I have forgotten which one) and then on a shopping trip to Montreal, found it in H&M!
I love it but while it fits in the sleeves, it is a large shirt. I'm thinking of taking it to my tailor to see if she can do anything with it. Pull it in somewhere...not sure...

My eyes are red because I spent the afternoon meeting some hospital families that we are featuring at our annual Telethon. We watched a preview of their pre-taped stories and are amazing. I can't really say more than that. It definitely makes you feel good about being alive and healthy.

Hug a loved one today!


Monday, May 10, 2010

end of week.

top (Walmart); jeans (GAP); slippers

This was last Friday's outfit.

I bought this top at Walmart a few weeks ago thinking it will look amazing with white pants for the summer. On Friday it was just begging to be worn so I paired it with my dark denim for work. I like the waist definition and pearl buttons on it.

Walmart has been getting some super cute flowy tops lately and at fabulous prices. This one was only $12. Not bad for a top I know will get lots of wear.

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

suiting up.

black suit (Reitmans); green top (Banana Republic); necklace (Top Shop); bracelets (Club Monaco); shoes (Spring)

I love wearing a suit.

Even more, I love wearing a mix and match suit - instead of matchy-matchy. Now in this case, I do realize it's all black but it's a different textured black jacket than the pants. And I have a few other skirt and pant suits that I mix up texture and colour.

The touches of colour in the green and yellow make me feel very chic and dare I say, powerful when I have them together like this.

I have an extra bounce in my step and a twinkle in my eye and a sparkle in my confidence with this outfit.

Gotta love the power of a suit.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

dinky dots

pants (Laura); polka dot cardigan (Ricki's); black tank (Fairweather); purple shoes (Le Chateau); black bead necklace (Banana Republic)

This outfit was fun! When you wear something kinda different - people definitely stop to look.

Dots can do that to ya!

I need to get more creative with my hair though. I am a very low-maintenance hair person and while it is easiest to throw it into a ponytail - it isn't the most flattering look on me.

I do fear that this cardi cuts my upper torse because of the solid black along its bottom. And with my lady friends being larger than life - I hate throwing off the proportions of my body. I'll try it over a longer top next time and see how that works.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010


jeans (GAP); white top (Ricki's); grey tank (Fairweather); burgundy jacket (Ricki's); cream heels (Payless) jewellery (gifted)

I love a clean look.

Simplicity - with the occasional twist.

I am in the midst of purging through my closet and am taking an honest look at what to give away and discard. All in the hopes of making sure I look like me each and every day.

The same can be said about my house. Last night, for instance, I cleared out, cleaned and organized kitchen cupboards. I do a few at a time - sparing about an hour - and then feel fabulous that it got done. I find this works for me instead of attempting to do it all at once, being exhausted and then not being able to enjoy my evenings with my loved ones.

I may have found the perfect solution for me and my time management skills.

Yay me!


Thursday, April 8, 2010


black pants (Reitmans); black dress (Banana Republic); black cardigan (Old Navy); shoes (Payless); gold chains (grandma); whistle chain (stole it from the b/f)

I was super duper feeling this outfit yesterday! I felt chic and comfortable. It could also be because I cleaned out my closet this past weekend. Oh yes. And actually got rid (well, donated) several items of clothing I have been holding onto for several reasons but never really wearing. I am very proud of myself :)

I am very much into layering right now - as you may have read in previous posts. I feel that it provides me with a bit of maturity and professionalism and will help me transition into bigger and better things at work. What's that old saying - dress for the job you want, not the job you have?

In other news, I have 5 followers. Woohoo! Not quite sure what that really means but it's kinda fun to see. So, thanks and welcome! Glad you seem to like what you see/read.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

skirting the issue.

grey skirt (Ricki's); white ruffle shirt (GAP); black cardigan (Old Navy); black and white shoes (Winners)

I'm infamous for skirting the issue.

It took me forever to tell my parents more intimate details about my b/f. Skirting the issue.

I have trouble taking a good look at myself and where I want my life to be. Skirting the issue.

I haven't told my BFF what I think about some of her life choices. Skirting the issue.

Is it just another word for procrastination?

It's a very blah day today and from reading other blogs, others seem to be feeling the same way. I am going home after work to start the major clean-up that is my living space.

And, make better use of all the lovely skirts I have hanging in my closet. So, perhaps I don't have to make an issue over skirts anymore.


Monday, March 29, 2010


jeans (GAP); black long-sleeve shirt (Tristan); grey sweater (Simons); black boots (Winners)

'Twas a fabulous weekend, indeed.

A bit of a chill, but the sun was shining and as long as the sun is out - I am a giddy gal!

The b/f and I went to an antique show on Saturday and this is what I wore. I've never really been antiquing but have always been fascinated by the thrill of the find. I was quite surprised at the price of most items - very expensive. The best deal we got was 4 Vogue covers from 1925 - for $5. We're going to mount them to hang in the powder room.

Then my patient b/f accompanied me to a shopping mall where I was looking to purchase a skirt for church. I treated him to ice cream for his good deed :) And it was the first ice cream cone of the season! Even better.


Friday, March 26, 2010


brown capris (Suzy Shier); black turtleneck (GAP); bead necklace (Banana Republic); boots (Winners)


Guy smiley in this pic. Well, girl smiley.

I didn't actually smile with my teeth for years. We're talkin' eons, folks. Then one Christmas when I was like 20 years old, I saw a picture of myself with a flash of pearly white and I was smitten. I've never liked the gap between my teeth (though everyone else thinks it's virtually non-existant) I can see it. In any case, I'm over it and definitely tooth-smile now.

Am also smiling because it's the weekend! Oh, and a coworker sent me a link to a site that has awkward family photos on it. Have you seen this beauty?? Ha! I am snickering just writing this thinking about the portraits. So mean. But, oh, so, good.

Have a smiling and feel good weekend!


Thursday, March 25, 2010


shoes (Winners); headband (Simons); sequin blazer (Simons); top (H&M)

This is what I bought in Montreal. The very best part is that they were gifts for me from my mom. It's my nameday on Sunday so she said I could treat myself. Yay mom!

The shoes have a removable ruffle which then makes them look like 3-strap Mary-Janes. Love.

I have a little obsession with cute headbands at the moment so this one fits nicely into my collection. I don't go for demure and sweeet. I choose statement pieces. Swoon.

The sequin blazer was a STEAL. It was regularly $185.00. I found it on a clearance rack for $9.99. Yup. And when I tried it on - everyone was scouring the racks to find another. I love those kinds of steals. Sweet.

I saw this top on a blog and then when I was in the store, spotted it on the rack. I knew I'd love it even more in person - and I do. Zing.

Have a terrific Thursday peeps!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

the layer.

black pants (Reitmans); cowl neck (Tristan); button-down shirt (Banana Republic); wedge heels (Winners); lucite bead necklace (Banana Republic); belt (came with a dress)

This week is about the layer.

I went to sleep the other night trying to figure out what to wear on this day and came up with this lil' gem in my big noggin'. It didn't work out too badly (I don't think anyway).

I find I am adding belts to most outfits and top layers as well. It definitely makes me feel ready for work and any impromptu meetings that tend to pop-up at work.

Plus, I've gained some weight over the past little while and am determined to not buy any clothes to accommodate the shape I'm in - instead, I will get back to the shape I was. Don't get me wrong - I love who I am and what I look like (for the most part) but would feel just that much better if I was down a few pounds. I have no qualms about being a double-digit gal...I just want to be healthy and toned. That's my ultimate goal.
That, and running a 5K in May...I just may do it.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010


black pants (Reitmans); purple top (Winners); black vest (Walmart); bead necklace (street vendor); stud earrings (Banana Republic); grey heels (Winners)

I am in dire need of re-organizing and cleaning out my closet. I seem to gravitate to the same items of clothing...and only because they are on the top of the clothes pile in my room. These 2 top pieces I must say are 2 of my best purchases ever...the purple top was $16 and the vest was $14. I have definitely worn each one more than 20 times since I bought them - worth every penny.

I do like how layering looks more polished and professional though. It adds a few elements to an outfit and makes it just that much more. I will need to figure out summer layering to give the same effect.

I had to bus to work this morning - in the cold and rain. I almost let it get me down but there is always a choice as to how one chooses to behave and I have chosen to make this a happy and productive day :)

Have a great Tuesday!


Monday, March 22, 2010

end of week.

jeans (Reitmans); jacket (Ricki's); top (Winners); black tank (Fairweather); necklace and earrings (gifted); shoes (Winners)

I always feel very chic and polished with this jacket. And normally I would wear it over a solid top but I had a lunch date on Friday and felt this would work really well. The top had similar colours to the jacket. I love how it turned out.

Side note: I saw the host of one of our television morning shows wearing this top on her show!

I went shopping in Montreal this weekend and hit up stores we don't have in my city (ie. H&M, Forever 21, Simons) I only bought a few items (I find the stores are very in between seasons right now) but the most amazing items which I will photograph and post this week.

Happy Monday!


Friday, March 19, 2010


denim jacket (GAP); purple scarf (gifted); black pants (Reitmans); white sleeveless top (Ricki's); black boyfriend cardigan (Old Navy); grey tank (Fairweathers); diamond studs (Banana Republic); short gold necklace (gifted); long gold necklace (Costa Blanca); black fishnets (Shoppers Drug Mart); shoes (Payless); eyeglasses (Gucci)

This has been a black and white week. That's usually my go-to colour scheme when I haven't planned any outfits.

I love pairing a denim jacket with work clothes. Pretty much pairing it with anything other than other denim. Maybe it's an out-dated rule but I'm not at all a fan of jean on jean (except if it's grey or black).

I am totally jinxing the weather by saying this but the sun and 16 degrees all week has put everyone in the best of moods...I never want it to end. Though I would love it to get hotter. I'm definitely not a girl of the cold.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

blacking out.

black dress (Reitmans); denim jacket (GAP); green scarf (RW&Co); white cami (Fairweathers); necklace (gifted); pearl studs (gifted); purple tights (Shoppers Drug Mart); boots (Winners)

Whoa - I am one pale looking lady.

To mix things up, I'm showing you what I wore to work and what I wore at work.

It also transitioned nicely into an impromptu get-together at a dessert restaurant last night. Carrot cake was calling my name.

I'm in a wardrobe funk at the moment and part of that is the lack of organization of my closet - my plan is to work on that this evening. Alteast get the closet somewhat organized. I have too much stuff in one little room.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

doubling up.

black pants (Reitmans); white flowy top (Walmart); black vest (Walmart); black tank (Fairweathers); black stud earrings (Le Chateau); necklace (gifted); black boots (Winners)

The top part of this outfit I wore on Saturday (as per the pics in the blog below). I changed up the jeans for black work pants and added a skinny black belt to pull in all the flowiness (is that a word?) of the material. It seems to have worked pretty well.

I was on a cleaning spree yesterday...and cleared, washed and lined all the kitchen drawers and cupboards. It was quite the task but the sun was still shining when I got home and my energy was just begging to be put to good use.

The sun is out again today...I love the sun. Love it.


Monday, March 15, 2010

all because of you.

jeans (Reitmans); white flowy top (Walmart); black vest (Walmart); black tank (Fairweathers); turquoise earrings (Dynamite); black boots (Winners)

I have always been a well-endowed gal. Since taking and posting photos for this blog, I have noticed I am a bit of an 'apple' shape I think. In other words - I am full-figured, big-boobed and granny-smithed. Nice.

I must say, however, that I never would have thought about layering the vest over this top before ever reading your blogs. So many of you inspire me and force me to look outside of the norm when it comes to my clothes - and this has helped since I have a lot of clothes and try not to buy more, but use what I have instead.

I wore this for when my b/f met my parents for dinner on Saturday (which went really well!) And I have since re-mixed it and wore it to work today...with some little differences. No one knows that I wore it on Saturday so I felt safe enough to wear it today. You've done that before, right?


Friday, March 12, 2010


set of oven mitts and pot holders; embroidered kitchen tea towels; glass bowl set; Ottawa Senators baby bib; 3-pack of floating lemon candles (Dollarama)

My goddaughter is pregnant!!

Now before people start to ask how old am I and how old is this g/d married a Greek Orthodox friend of mine. She wanted to be baptised in our church before marrying him and she chose me to be her godmother. So...they are now expecting!

I am throwing her baby shower with a mutual friend of ours. I LOVE throwing surprise parties. Love it. And right off the bat we decided to make this pretty and chic and not very baby (though there will be some baby touches here and there).

Our theme is lemon and lime with a bit of tangerine (all backed by white). The pics above are some of the prizes we will be giving out and all from the dollar store. Amazing. My friend and I are organizing this lil' shindig with the thoughts of things we like and don't like from going to so many of these showers. So, instead of bath bombs and candles and stuff that I personally never use - we have gotten them some nice gifts instead.
(Disclaimer: It's such a personal thing...I just don't like being gifted any sort of bath or candle product for birthdays, holidays, etc).

Since I'm the sale savvy shopper, I get the task of researching the prices for everything from decorations to cakes to prizing. I love this task. Seriously, shopping needs to be my career.

Have a fantastic weekend!


p.s. the b/f meets my parents tomorrow!!! eek and yay!!