Tuesday, August 11, 2009

hearts ♥ and dots....

black pants (Reitmans); polka dot top (HandM); shoes (Payless); diamond studs (gifted); silver chain (Walmart); charms (gifted)

I am very winter today. Funny since it's finally summer temperatures but it was just easier to grab the black and wear it. Plus, I'm trying to wear things to work that I won't be packing for vacation and that way I don't have to wash them to get them packed. There is usually a method to my madness.

Is it ever too early to say I Love You? And not the I love you's to my friends and family because I say that all the time to them. I mean between the manfriend/womanfriend you may have. I can feel that we're on the verge of truly ruly uly being in love and saying it - and it's been a little over 3 months. Well, actually, it's been 3 months, 2 weeks and 1 day. Ha!

Is it ever too early to know that I'm going to miss him like crazy? And I'll only be gone for 3 weeks yet all of a sudden am really sad to leave. But super excited to go. What horrible feelings to be feeling. We've been spending gads upon gads of time together and at first, we thought maybe we should wean (sp?) off the togetherness but then thought why should we do that?? Only to be more miserable before we need to be?

Freaking matters of the heart, eh?

I used to laugh and make fun of those suckers who cried at airports and gushed about how they were counting down the days until they could be together again. Umm. My apologies. I may be turning into one. Eek! This is almost as bad as when I realized I truly am a girly girl. Double eek!


Monday, August 10, 2009


black skirt (GAP); coral wraptop (Banana Republic); thin black belt (Banana Republic); cream wedge heels (Winners); gold bib necklace (The Bay); diamond studs (gifted)

I have been away awhile...I blame a part of it on work (yes, even in the summer) and some of it on a new relationship (which while I'm not complaining really does make me tired) :)

Life has been treating me very well lately and I'm off to Greece for 3 weeks on Monday and truly, it couldn't get any better right now...well, winning a small lottery would be nice...
I hate jinxing it though, you know? Like as soon as I say 'life is great' BAM! Life is not so great anymore. I used to believe I had a relationship jinx and the jinx was as soon as I framed a photo of me and my beau - the relationship would end. Seriously. They did. Each time. It was weird. And I've heard from other friends that they have similar jinx stories. Needless to say, there are no pictures of me and the manfriend anywhere except on my blackberry. And I'm going to keep it that way for awhile.

So...the surprise that's in the today's title?
(backgrounder) Well, this Thursday, Auguts 13, across North America, is Miracle Treat Day from Dairy Queen where proceeds from the sale of every blizzard go to your local children's hospital. DQ is one of my accounts.

This morning I went to our local morning TV show with a couple of our hospital patients where they were going to ham it up and tell people about why they should go and buy a blizzard this Thursday. After their segment, I walked over to the fridge to get one of the siblings a blizzard when I turn around and see that I am actually on-air with the host. Everyone later tells me the best part was my face. I literally mouthed on breakfast television "Oh, my F%&$ing God, I'm on TV" and then turned and walked off. And it's not like I blended in with the grey of the background...I'm wearing the brightest coral top one has ever seen and it was even brighter on TV!! It's all in good fun and the entire studio high-fived me when I walked out of the building.

Geez Louise!

Have a super Monday!