Thursday, April 15, 2010

dinky dots

pants (Laura); polka dot cardigan (Ricki's); black tank (Fairweather); purple shoes (Le Chateau); black bead necklace (Banana Republic)

This outfit was fun! When you wear something kinda different - people definitely stop to look.

Dots can do that to ya!

I need to get more creative with my hair though. I am a very low-maintenance hair person and while it is easiest to throw it into a ponytail - it isn't the most flattering look on me.

I do fear that this cardi cuts my upper torse because of the solid black along its bottom. And with my lady friends being larger than life - I hate throwing off the proportions of my body. I'll try it over a longer top next time and see how that works.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010


jeans (GAP); white top (Ricki's); grey tank (Fairweather); burgundy jacket (Ricki's); cream heels (Payless) jewellery (gifted)

I love a clean look.

Simplicity - with the occasional twist.

I am in the midst of purging through my closet and am taking an honest look at what to give away and discard. All in the hopes of making sure I look like me each and every day.

The same can be said about my house. Last night, for instance, I cleared out, cleaned and organized kitchen cupboards. I do a few at a time - sparing about an hour - and then feel fabulous that it got done. I find this works for me instead of attempting to do it all at once, being exhausted and then not being able to enjoy my evenings with my loved ones.

I may have found the perfect solution for me and my time management skills.

Yay me!


Thursday, April 8, 2010


black pants (Reitmans); black dress (Banana Republic); black cardigan (Old Navy); shoes (Payless); gold chains (grandma); whistle chain (stole it from the b/f)

I was super duper feeling this outfit yesterday! I felt chic and comfortable. It could also be because I cleaned out my closet this past weekend. Oh yes. And actually got rid (well, donated) several items of clothing I have been holding onto for several reasons but never really wearing. I am very proud of myself :)

I am very much into layering right now - as you may have read in previous posts. I feel that it provides me with a bit of maturity and professionalism and will help me transition into bigger and better things at work. What's that old saying - dress for the job you want, not the job you have?

In other news, I have 5 followers. Woohoo! Not quite sure what that really means but it's kinda fun to see. So, thanks and welcome! Glad you seem to like what you see/read.