Thursday, July 15, 2010

a pocket full of poses...

brown capris (Suzy Shier); cream top (Ricki's); shoes (DSW)

Well, no black and white today...instead neutrals :)

I wear both of these items all season long.

On their own in the summer and layered in the winter.

I sport a coat or jacket of some sort with the top (often under a suit) and wear tights and boots with the capris.

When I shop, I usually buy things I can wear all year - saves me some money and gives me full use of my closet all the time!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

am i allergic to colour?

white pants (GAP); black wrap top (GAP); brown tank (Fairweather); purple heels (Le Chateau); bracelet (H&M)

Why is it that the colour white seems to have so many rules associated to it?

Don't wear white after Labour Day.

Don't wear white shoes - ever.

Big girls shouldn't wear white pants.

Well, lady loves, I love white and every colour associated to it (creams, off-whites, etc) and believe they can be worn at all times.

Winter white is gorgeous!

White shoes look smart with the right outfit.

White pants rock my world.

Do you follow any "fashion rules"?


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

it's black, it's white.

harem pants (GT Boutique); top (Ricki's); black flats (ALDO); bracelet (Banana Republic); ring (Winners)

Hello lovelies!!

The pics are me trying to be "different". Ha!

It is hot here. Like hawt. Like I wish I was in Greece because it's not as hot there as it is here.

So, I am wearing sleeveless things. Yesterday this super cute white top (which I usually reserve for under suit jackets or cardis).

It is infinitely more important to me that I don't sweat a small puddle while walking around so sleeveless it is!


Friday, June 11, 2010

when it's a favourite

green top (Banana Republic); polka-dot sweater (Ricki's); jeans (Reitmans); shoes (Winners); necklace (Banana Republic)

This is one of my favourite shirts.

The sleeves are little caps; the colour is gorgeous; it's flowy but not too loose. Just lovely.

I ruined it over the weekend at a work event. I wore a chain necklace and it caught on the silky material. I was so bummed! For my birthday, my coworkers gave me a gift certificate to Banana Republic (my favourite place in the world, next to Winners) so I am hoping I find it there again.

This sweater surprises me. I have dressed it up; I have dressed it down. Who knew polka-dots would be so versatile. I honestly thought it would sit in my dresser and I wouldn't wear it often because it's so memorable. Love when things surprise me like that!

I am throwing a surprise baby shower for my goddaughter this weekend - I'll post lots of photos next week!

Have a wonderful weekend lovies!


Friday, May 28, 2010

grey day

pants (Laura); wrap top (Banana Republic); grey tank (Fairweather); shoes (Spring); ring (Banana Republic)

I am in love with the colour grey right now!

And one of my favourite combinations is grey and yellow. Swoon.

As you can see, wrapping is one of my favourite things to do. I recommend it to everybody! Ha!

Have a fantastic weekend!


Thursday, May 27, 2010

the b/f.

Pray for him. Indeed.
(please excuse the mess of a room behind him...we're in the middle of major cleaning!)


Wednesday, May 26, 2010


capris (Suzy Shier); top (Walmart); flats (Payless); ring (Banana Republic)

I am a shoe gal.

Love every kind of shoe - running shoes, sandals, peep-toes, flats, heels. I LOVE heels.

I do have a new appreciation for flats though. I wear them to work, from work and on weekends. Is it a sign of getting older that I can't handle high heels for long periods of time anymore?? Eek!

Going into Payless last week, I saw tons of super cute flats at great prices - so, in true shoe-nista fashion - I had to pick up a few pairs. It is a new season :)