Tuesday, June 23, 2009

and all that jazz!

denim capris (Zellers); white tunic (Costa Blanca); green belt (GAP); hoop earrings (Le Chateau); gladiator sandals (Spring)

I am going to see CHICAGO!!!!! The Play. The one that I star in in my dreams at night.

I am beyond excited. I nearly teared up when I got the tickets. You see...I had just told myself I wouldn't go and see it as I am trying really hard to save money. Then, a dear friend surprised me with 2 tickets to the show. I seriously sat teary-eyed at the gesture and at the excitement!

If you've read any of my blog, you'd know I am obsessed with rock...but just as crazy about Broadway!

Granted my posts have been a little sparse lately but I have been travelling for work (Quebec City where you all NEED to visit) and it's been event after event after event after event. This Saturday is the culmination of all events and then it's a little quiet for about a month.

Just in time for the manfriend to go on his European jaunt leaving me to actually rest. Poolside is my preference.

Hope you all can put a little jazz in your step today!


Thursday, June 11, 2009

GIVEAWAY....not mine

The adorable lady over at Clothed Much has a giveaway from Shabby Apple of a beauty of a turquoise dress! Who doesn't look good in turquoise!

Enter at http://clothedmuch.blogspot.com

*double hugs*

to golf or not to golf....is that the question?

denim capris (Zellers); black tshirt (from the office); gold flats (GAP); pearl studs (gifted)

The question isn't really whether I should golf or not, because I like golfing, the question is what to wear when I'm golfing. There is an entirely new world to golf attire. I made due today with my nice dark denim capris and an office logo'd tshirt, plus my cute yellow Nikes. I've decided to keep my outfits simple: khaki capris; solid coloured tshirts; a cute hat and cute shoes! I don't do plaid at all, let alone well, so that's out and forget about sporting a skirt. It gets wet and mucky out there.

I love dressing for the occasion!

Tonight I am having a kind of dress swap with one of my best friends. We're pretty close to the same body type though she's taller. We're both well-endowed; she's got fantastic legs so while I wear my dresses below my knee, they fall perfect on her. We have a mutual friend's wedding next weekend and instead of shopping for new stuff...we're going to try each other's on and see what we come up with. We did this last time we went to NY together too. We pretty much liked what the other person had brought with them so we wore each other's clothes. I love when that can be done. My sister is a size 2 while I am safely 6 times larger than that so needless to say - we don't swap often. Ha!

It's Thirsty Thursday and the sun's out! Enjoy all it has to offer!


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

didn't get to where i am by just shaking hands...

denim skirt (Reitmans); black top (Fairweather); thong sandals (Spring); disc earrings (Suzy Shier); headband (Suzy Shier)

I am currently obsessed with Nickelback. They are an awesome Canadian rock band and keep turning out great album after great album after great album. I missed their show the last time they were in my town because of a work event I had the next day and I thought I'd be too tired after the concert. WTF?? Who am I and what happened to my brain that day?? I keep hoping with a new album out that they'll come around again soon....

I am also currently loving myself and my outfits this week! Very rock based for me - as rock as work appropriate can go - and these thong sandals are what makes the entire outfit...that and my big hair. I love big hair too! I am loving everything lately...even in the rain that doesn't want to leave. Though I am of the school of thought to let it rain all week so that the weekend will be sunny!

I have my first golf game of the season tomorrow. I started last year and really like it. One of my coworkers signed us up for a women's league on Thursday mornings. My game is at 7:00 a.m. I don't know if I like golf THAT much. But it'll be good practice and a great networking opportunity.

Hope you all get over the hump that is today.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

summer in the rain

white pants (Reitmans); black tunic (Costa Blanca); belt (Suzy Shier); black thong sandals (Winners); turquoise earrings (H&M); turquoise bracelet (H&M)

I feel very rock and roll today. The only part that sucks is wearing white pants and flat sandals and having to walk in the rain to the office...my pants were rolled to my knees to prevent any backsplash. It worked!

My mom sent me out to get her a black lace trimmed tank top last night - I ended up buying 2 maxi-style dresses too. Geez louise, eh? I told myself I will wear them all summer and that they were for Greece. I always looked at those women who wore the maxi dress with envy; thinking I would look like a hippo - shapeless - plus, most are strapless or spaghetti strap which a well-endowed lady like me can't do. One of the ones I bought is halterish in style and the other is a crossover top so they work with a bra! I am super excited to be able to fit in with the crowd. Ha!

I had this conversation with a coworker friend last night. She had given me a compliment and I brushed it off as per usual. Then we started discussing how we are very hard on ourselves. Already Pretty by Sal, a blogger I love to read, often writes these thought provoking and very intuitive pieces about loving oneself simply because you're worth it. I definitely live by this mantra and try to make my friends see the good in them too. Funny thing is I am absolutely hardest on myself. I view myself as cute and at times pretty but never hot or sexy. I save that definition for my hot gal pals. 'Cause that's what they are. My manfriend makes me feel like the prettiest, hottest and sexiest girl around - even after meeting my awesome friends. I know one's self-worth should never be measured by how hot someone thinks you are but not gonna lie...it sure feels really good when someone says they think you are.

Does that make me vain?


Monday, June 8, 2009

working rock star

black pants (Reitmans); black and white print top (Dynamite); black and white heels (Winners); silver hoops (Laura); silver bracelets (Club Monaco & Pom Pom)

Greetings and Salutations!

My weekend was astounding! The bachelorette party was so much fun...it was the perfect mix of chiling by the pool in the afternoon sun and partying it up at night on the town. I wore my new little black dress that my mama got me as a birthday present - for anyone who knows me, this is a big deal since I'm usually a jeans and cute top girl. I dress to be girl-hot not always guy-hot...but I was guy-hot. Ha!

I went to a museum exhibit yesterday to see Mummies - Secrets of the Pharaohs. It was very cool! Egypt simply fascinates me. From the pyramids, to mummification. They were beautiful people who loved living life and never feared death. We should all be so lucky and live life like that.

I'm in black and white today. Rocking the glam chic look at work. I feel like I should go out for drinks afterwards to not waste such a great outfit...ever have a really great outfit or hair day and no where to show it off to??


Friday, June 5, 2009

mon obsession du jour

It's been awhile since I've obsessed about my daily obsessions...this one is a must!!

Feet. You should be obsessed about your feet.
They do so much for you.

When I was younger, and didn't have a lot of money to spend on quality over quantity, I would squeeze my feet into shoes I shouldn't have; I would wear 3 and 4 inch heels all day and walk with them to and from work; I would tear up my heels; blister my toes...I did not treat my feet well. At all.

As I'm getting older, I fully realize the importance of foot care. I'm now obsessed. I got my first pedicure a year ago and subsequently, treated myself to one every 3 weeks after that. I also changed how I wear my shoes. I wear comfy (and cute) flats or runners to and from work and change into the fashion shoe once there. I also kick my shoes off under my desk while I'm sitting. This not only helps my feet breathe and relax, but also prolongs the life of my shoes. I now buy quality over quantity and want them to last me a long time.

Please folks...on behalf of all tender tootsies...be sweet to your feet!

*double hugs*

finally fabulous friday!!

trouser jeans (Reitmans); white top (Banana Republic); navy heels (Nine West); clear bead necklace (Banana Republic); studs (Banana Republic)

I almost wore Banana Republic jeans today too! But was too lazy to get them from the laundry room. Then today would have been a BR day!

My birthday was wonderful. No exclamation needed. It was perfect. The new manfriend met the best friend and they got along great! Definite exclamantion needed.

Tonight I have a date night with him and have chosen to eat at a burger place called The Works. There are like 100 toppings you can put on your burger! My coworkers have been telling me about their favourites...everything from mac'n cheese to peanut butter and cream cheese to peppercorns and horseradish. I'm super psyched! All about a burger joint. Ha!

I went dress shopping with my mom last night so she could find something to wear to my goddaughter's wedding in a few weeks. While she didn't find anything for herself, I bought myself another dress. I was super proud of myself...I tried on a bunch of stuff and styles I never would have thought would look good! I found way too many things I liked and showed great restraint while shopping...I have to save for Greece so I keep that in the back of my mind. Plus, am thinking of a winter getaway to a beach someplace so need to save for that too. And...NY in December. Rockefeller Centre here I come!

Have a fantastic weekend bloggers!


Thursday, June 4, 2009

it's my birthday, and i'll cry if i want to...

white pants (Reitmans); silver top (Winners); black and grey cardigan (Forever 21); silver flats (GAP); silver hoops (Laura); silver necklace (birthday present from manfriend!)

Why am I crying on my birthday?? Because everyone is showing me so much love! I truly truly truly feel blessed today. I awoke with a smile on my face and came into work only to receive loving and happy voicemail messages, email messages and even a balloon-o-gram!! I never really celebrate my birthday - ususally because I'm always working it, and they've never been a big deal in our house growing up. Let me tell ya - I was missing out! I just love the love. Love.

I also love my outfit today...I feel very New York chic. You know when you look at someone and they just ooze style out of their pores....well the ideal in my head is a woman walking the streets of New York in a wide-leg trouser and a very monotone colour palette with flats. It just screams chicness and style to me. Plus, being a larger gal, everyone always says to go for the black. Steer clear of light pants. I bought these last year for $15 and have definitely gotten my money's worth out of them! Style knows no bounds, right?

I had a lovely lunch with my beau and we'll be going for ice cream tonight after dinner. He gets to meet my brother and sister...should be fun!


Wednesday, June 3, 2009



The lovely lady over at Things A Boutique Owner Sees is giving away an awesome necklace!
Check it..and her...out!

we're not in kansas anymore...

black pants (Reitmans); black and white top (Winners); ring (Aldo); earrings (Le Chateau); black and white heels (Payless)

Why am I not in Kansas anymore? I had a meeting this morning at our Governor General's office. She is the Queen representative in Canada...and they were installing a metal detector at the front entrance to her residence. Now, people have always been allowed to visit the residence and see a large part of the GG's home. It's just funny that after all these years, they have now decided there is a need for such a precautionary measure. I understand why but it was a little sad to think about. If it isn't safe at the GG's house - then where is it safe??

I woke up this morning, and spent a good portion of my morning thinking it was Tuesday. How great it was to find out in fact, it is Hump Day! And only 2 days left to the weekend! It's my birthday weekend as well as my goddaughter's bachelorette! It's going to be fun!! And I have some fun clothes to wear too! I hope to post some pics since there will be tons taken!

The weather here is FINALLY beautiful! Sunny and warm! While I love it, I also don't look all that forward to summer dressing but will make the most of it since summer isn't here for very long.

Hope you all have some sun where you are :)


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

terrific tuesday

grey pants (Laura); denim dress (Zellers); beaded necklace (gifted); pearl studs (gifted); grey heels (Winners)

As I was making my Polyvore this morning, I went to touch my necklace to compare it with the picture and found it wasn't there! A coworker was with me in my office when I realized it fell into my shirt and bra so I pulled it out and it was quite the sight! Nothing like starting your morning off with a really good laugh!

My manfriend (not quite at boyfriend/girlfriend status yet) gave me a Starbucks card last night - just because. I love just because gifts. I often give my friends and family just because gifts. So, I was really touched - and it's just a Starbucks card. I really really really like him. And it's not just the Starbucks card. Ha!

This is another easy go-to outfit and I haven't worn it in awhile. I love grey and yellow together. Such a nice contrast. And other than the few pieces I bought myself 2 weekends ago for a business trip, I have not and will not be shopping until Greece. Even then, I'm going to hit up some cheapy places for little skirts and dresses - easy to pack and great to hang around the village in.

Happy Tuesday blog pals!


Monday, June 1, 2009

oh, happy day!

denim trousers (GAP); black turtleneck (GAP); black tank (Fairweather); bracelet (?); pearl studs (gifted); cream and navy stacked heels (Winners)
This is a happy day! We just completed another successful Telethon and raised $6.175 million dollars! I am a happy camper. My boss is a happy camper. And many kids will be happy campers too.

Since it's a bit of a lazy hazy hokey pokey kinda day...jeans and a turtleneck it was for me. My go-to outfit, plus, it's chilly here!! It's June 1 and chilly!

It was a fantastic working weekend! Who knew those words would ever be seen together in a sentence, eh??

June is going to be a busy one too...we have a 5K walk to organize, our Teddy Bears' Picnic at the end of the month and I'm gone to Quebec City on a business trip for a week! I've already started thinking about what to pack and bring. There will be 3 business meetings and then 3 nights out. Not including the flight there and flight back outfits. I am looking forward to it though! I've never been there and we're staying in a castle! Love.

Happy Monday!