Tuesday, May 26, 2009

purple - the colour of royalty and Prince

black pants (Reitmans); purple top (Laura); black wrap (GAP); black tank (Dynamite); purple shoes (Le Chateau); silver hoops (gifted); silver ring (?)

I'm in mid-arm-toning season so wearing sleeveless tops doesn't always sit that well with me. Funny thing - I bought 2 sleeveless wrap tops this past weekend. How do I get around this dilemma? In the past I wouldn't have bought them or would have let them sit in my closet. Now, thanks to the fashion blog world, I layer like a pro and have gotten so much more use out of my closet. With the top ensemble I've got sporting today - I found 2 skirts that would look awesome with it - making summer dressing a much easier task than I anticipated.

My favourite season is fall. I love fall clothes - the excitement of back-to-school shopping (even though I'm done school!) Summer has always been the exact opposite. I feel like my pasty white flabby parts are overexposed. I have since learned to love linen and dresses and skirts and pedicures and deal with short sleeves and -gasp- even go sleeveless sometimes! I've especially had to embrace the summer since I'll be in Greece for some of it and it won't be sweater weather.

Tomorrow is one of our Radiothons. It's the local country station that runs it and country music by its very nature is sadder than normal. Even for an upbeat song! So it lends itself well to children's stories. They are long days for me. Up at 3:00 a.m. and in bed around 10:00 p.m....only to do it over again for 3 days. Needless to say, I will be setting up my outfits for the next 3 days tonight. Talk about good preparation!


Monday, May 25, 2009

brown and pink...all in sync

pink and brown dress (Zellers); blue cardigan (Zellers); pink tank (Fairweather); pink and brown heels (Winners); pearl studs (gifted)

I won't comment on how it's been awhile...but it's been awhile!

That seems to be the norm with some of the blogs I follow though...my excuse is that this month is the busiest in my office. We have 2 radiothons and a telethon...this week is the busiest of my life. A radiothon leading up to a telethon. We call it the best and worst times of working here - but it makes me realize and remember how much I love my job and why. It is truly all about the kids!

The dress I'm wearing today is actually different than in the picture - it's brown, pink and cream horizontal stripes all the way down the dress. And I contemplated wearing a yellow shoe for a triad of colours but thought that may be a little much for work today :) Plus, I haven't worn these brown and pink puppies for awhile.

I have definitely been a busy bee these last few weeks and none of it included shopping (until this past weekend). I have met a wonderful new guy and it's so much fun in the beginning of a relationship, isn't it? The excitement of getting togetherl; the butterflies when he holds my hand; the smile on my lips when I see his name on my phone or in my inbox. I hope it isn't a spring fling but flinging I shall do for now anyways! Ha!
I am doing really well at embracing myself and my body and being happy as well. For instance, wearing a dress that hits my knee when I hate my legs...I didn't even think twice about it today!

As I mentioned - I went shopping and bought myself 2 spring suit jackets, 2 wrap-around tops and a super cool ring - white stone with a star-fish dangling off the side. It'll be my summer Greece ring. All these clothes I bought myself to wear on a business trip to Quebec City in June. I love showing up with new clothes...even though no one else knows it but me. It puts just a little bit more of a spring in my step!

I love getting inspiration and motivation from all your blogs! Thanks for inspiring and motivating me! Oh...and I'll be able to post real me photos soon too! Yay!