Friday, January 30, 2009

I have seen Mamma Mia a few times...the Broadway production 3 times and the movie version twice. Did I mention I was a Broadway star in another life? Yup. I of the parts in the movie/show is when the daughter is reading her mom's diary and all the 'good' parts aren't written but instead ... (dot dot dot). I just love that part! I do it with my he tried to kiss me, he leaned in and ... (dot dot dot). It works for all conversations. Just insert where the good or bad parts are.

It's Friday! Busy day...I got 2 'good job' comments from the boss so that's a high in itself and I caught a glimpse of our Premier who visited the hospital today (as well as his very good looking bodyguards), had lunch with a dear friend who told me she's expecting her third baby!!! and the it's only noon!

My outfit is simple and cute. Trouser jeans - my Friday staple. Cute black and white polka dot top and hair in a ponytail, which means bad hair - thank god for the ponytail!

ooohhh....and a coworker asked me last night to take his wife shopping! They like my style and she said she feels frumpy and wants to feel fun. I am super stoked to go shopping since I know we'll have a ball but I'm SUPER nervous about this too...I just put clothes together. What if she doesn't like anything I tell her? What if I choose things she refuses to try on? I'm focusing on the fun part of this entire excursion and truly think we'll have a blast. I'll keep you posted! Our date's next week.

Superbowl weekend!! I'm going to go curling for the first time ever in my life. My first question was of course - what does one wear to curl. My friends laughed. I was totally serious.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

another day, another dollar

Today is corporate day. I have meeting after meeting after meeting. After looking at the photo, I feel I may be a little too matchy-matchy but it works for the big-wigs.

As for's my dream. Maybe next fall. My goal this year is Greece. Haven't been since '96!

Woke up to a snowy driveway. It was beautiful out though...great way to start one's morning - shovelling. Atleast the snow was light. Plus, got to talk to my new neighbours a bit.

Missed my workout last night due to a miscommunication between drivers. We alternate who drives so it's equal and everyone thought someone else was driving last night and by the time it was sorted out, the cardio class had started and so we just didn't go. I feel a little sluggish this morning. It is addicting and I love my's a kickboxing class and alternates between boxing, body weights and cardio. Each class is completely different and I find it's the best workout for my body. BONUS - I can do pushups now! They're the girlie ones but that's a start, right? ...Right?


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

let it snow! let it snow! let it snow! NOT!

Don't get me wrong...I do love how pretty it looks when it snows and I wouldn't have it any other way than a white Christmas, but then I want it all to melt. January 2. No more snow. Mother Nature doesn't seem to agree with me though...

I kinda look like my Polyvore set today :) I bought a silver brocade 3/4 length sleeve jacket over the weekend (one of those $19.99 sales!) and wore it with a black tank and wide leg black pants. I have quite a few meetings today so this will keep me warm and lookin' stylish!

There's supposed to be 25 centimetres of snow on the ground by the time I leave work today. My poor Uggs have had a miserable time this year. They are almost dead. All that means is time for new shoes!

Happy Hump Day...I am definitely counting down the days until I can sleep in.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'll trade this button for a kiss...

I need more sleep. This morning was one of those mornings I hadn't planned what I was going to wear and needed clean and ironed clothes. I've also noticed my black turtleneck is my go-to piece of clothing. And I usually wear it once a week. I'm super inspired by other's blogs I read...I just need to put stuff together myself :)

Watching Tim Gunn's Style show last night, he talks a lot about shopping in outfits. My mom does and it makes dressing for her so much easier. I'm definitely more of a pieces shopper. But for the most part, my pieces all work together...or so I think.

Happy Tuesday! Enjoy the last few days of the cold spell...I can't wait for summer. Along with everyone else in Canada I'm sure.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Motley Crue and NKOTB

Monday Morning. Yada Yada Yada.
I had a great weekend...Montreal! Way too much shopping when I had promised myself I wouldn't but the sales were too good to pass up! Each item I purchased was $19.99 or under! You can't go wrong...unless you buy a multitude of such items in which case that definitely adds up...oh well, the damage is done. I'll be wearing some of these new duds this week and will try to use my sister's camera to post the pics.

Today I slept in and had to grab whatever was clean and ironed already. Hence the above outfit. My office is FREEZING since we're still in this deep freeze so my body is covered in a pashmina.
I keep one at the office now for just such an emergency.

I am excited for March...2 concerts. Motley Crue and New Kids on the Block. Yes. Very random.
I am a rocker at heart, though by looking at me you would never guess it. When my office found out I played recreational football - they all laughed at me. It's because I wear high heels, makeup and pretty clothes to work everyday and that's how they see me. That's fine...I'm a girl and like pretty things but I also love sports and guys in tight leather pants :)


Friday, January 23, 2009

lucky you...part two

I love lace. Always have and even when I clean my closet I always keep the lace pieces because they are so feminine and for me will never go out of style. So this isn't an exact replica of what I'll be wearing in la belle province but I don't have a digital camera (yes, I realize I am the last person on earth without one) thus I can't take and post photos of myself yet. But, it's on my list of items to get. One day soon you'll be able to see me in all my jazziness!

I mentioned super yummy food before...well, I am looking forward to bringing home some cheese pies (tiropites) and baklava (my favourite dessert ever!) No one does it better than in even rivals Greece and that's saying a lot!

Happy Friday folks! Have a wonderful weekend...stay warm, enjoy the sun and be good!


lucky you!....whoever you may be...

It's Friday! Who doesn't like Fridays? Do people like that even exist?

Well, lucky readers, if I have any readers, you get 2 outifts today! One I'm wearing to work and the other to drinks in Montreal this weekend! I'm so excited for a getaway and for super yummy Montreal food. It just tastes different when you're someplace new.

So, this outfit is based on a vest I got at an after-Christmas sale at the GAP...for $4.00! Who doesn't love a steal? Do people like that even exist? And my signature Friday trouser jeans. Whoever invented these babies has my eternal lets me wear 'jeans' to work midweek if I want to all because they still look like dress pants! Yay!

My first week of blogging ever...not too exciting but bare with me life is a bit of a zoo!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

gonna get dressed, for 5 cents...

Good morning! I'm getting the hang of posting and am quickly realizing this is very addictive!
Here's today's work outfit...I wore the thick black belt overtop the blouse but underneath the cardigan and it's giving off a super cute shape. This is a keeper!

My blog title today? Well, I heart Roxette (and most 80's, 90's music) and when I was a wee lass listening to them I always thought their song 'Dressed for Success' was 'Dressed for 5 cents'. What did I know really? Songs also got me thinking about a conversation I had with some friends a few days ago where we talked about what the songs in our life movies would be. Come on - you've all got'em!

So far, mine include:

'The Way You Make Me Feel', Michael Jackson - for the opening credits
'King of Wishful Thinking', Go West - somewhere in the film because it's my favourite song
'I Can Feel It In The Air', Phil Collins - for the love scene; I love the drum beat buildup

Yes. I am a bit of a dork but it was one of the funnest conversations we've had! And interesting. You learn a lot about your friends :)


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

yay!! it worked!!

It worked!! I posted a picture! I'm excited!! Oh...and I just found out that NKOTB are coming to my city...I already saw them in September but the teen girl who was never allowed to go to concerts has to get it out of her system and will be going again!!

Here is my work outfit. Well, as close an approximation as Polyvore will get me.

off to never never land...

Metallica is on the radio right now and as I can't think of another title for the post, song lyrics it is!

I've been trying to play around with this zany blog world...trying to post pictures isn't very easy. If it is, I have yet to find it.

One of the reasons I love January so much - and I definitely need a reason right now with -39 celsius weather - is that my boss goes on vacation for 2 weeks! So, we come back from a wonderful Christmas holiday and then have more boss-free time. I love my boss but it's always a little easier at work when the boss is away, right?

So far this week, I have drank waaayyy too many venti cappuccinos, went to a movie premiere of Inkheart, attended the wake of a wonderful lady, and cleaned my room. Wonder what the rest of the week shall bring....

I will be trying to post photos again today...pretty much because that's the point of me having this site :)

*hugs* V

Monday, January 19, 2009

not another manic monday... - Polyvore

not another manic monday... - Polyvore
Happy New Year...19 days in! It's still ok to say it within a 20 day range - it's one of those unspoken rules I think.

Well, I have officially entered the world of blogging. I don't know if people will find this interesting or care much about reading it - I thought I'd try it and see if maybe it would help me gather and settle my thoughts. I'll be posting my daily work outfits via Polyvore (loves it!!) and I hope it will make me more creative in my endeavours. I love my job but always thought if I were to do it all over again I'd go into fashion marketing. Not because I'm dressed the best but I truly love all things fashion!

So, feel free to leave me a message - constructive criticism would be best. I've read some nasty comments out there and to that I say no wonder you're anonymous...your mama would be so ashamed at your actions!