Tuesday, April 28, 2009


denim trousers (Reitmans); tie dye top (Charlotte Russe); boots (Jovene); bangles (gifted); earrings (Le Chateau)

I got the most amazing parking spot today! Right beside the building and completely by accident. I was about to leave the full parking lot when I noticed a guy walking to his car - so in true parking stalker form - I followed him and he stopped at the first car! I gave him 2 thumbs up (because I am a true geek) and he laughed. Yay for me on a rainy day.

And why is it rainy?? Yesterday was 33 degrees...and today it's 10. I think Mother Nature PMS's sometimes too.

I have a date tonight! I met him briefly for coffee 2 nights ago but that doesn't really count as a date - more like a meet. And we've already made plans to spend all of Saturday together. I am smitten so far :)

And have a new top to wear on the date.

You know...for a rainy day - I sure have a lot of sun shining on me.


Monday, April 27, 2009


brown capris (Suzy Shier); magenta top (Charlotte Russe); brown wedges (Sears); earrings (Dynamite)

I'm back!! I know how you missed me so :)

I really missed this though I've gotta admit. Seeing what's going on with your blogs, outfits, ideas, laughs...I really understand how this is a community.

The past 2 weeks have been the busiest I have ever had! It was great - media launches, hospital tours, sponsor visits...but it left me utterly exhausted. I am gearing up for our Telethon in one month and am excited because this is the BEST TIME to be me at my job! And look good while doing it!
I never repeated an outfit - in fact, haven't since I started the blog in January. I think that's pretty awesome.
This past weekend, a girlfriend and I went shopping to Watertown, NY which is a 3 hour drive for us and I wasn't planning on buying much of anything. Then I walked past Charlotte Russe. We don't have it in Canada and my girlfriend who lives in NY once took me there - and it was great. It was just as great this time around too! I only brought $100 US with me to spend and I did - successfully! 7 tops and 3 earrings. And the very best part is that no one else here will be wearing what I have on! hehehe It's not that I'm vain - but I hate when everyone is so cookie-cutter and doesn't think to make an outfit their own. Anyways, I digress...

Great shopping in the States...wish I could go there more. Oh wait, am going for the long weekend in May! Hooray!!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I'm such a bad blogger! It's not my fault. Really.
These last 2 weeks have been insanity at work and the rest of this week, and next, promise to be much of the same.
What sucks is that I've been rocking my outfits though! Geez, I need a camera.

Hope you are all well...I have a ton of blog reading to do...hope you're staying fashionable!


Thursday, April 9, 2009

i, um, have a bf

jeans (GAP); sweater (Simons); tank (Fairweather); booties (Payless); pearl studs (gifted)

The office came out in spades today for the egg-decorating contest! I'm so proud of them! I feel like a mom. We only have one prize pack though, for which I feel bad, but that was what we decided and in life sometimes there's just one winner. I think I just take these things too personally and seriously. I need to get over it hehehehe

In addition to showing you my outfit choices everyday, you will also occasionally read about my dating escapades now that I am in the real wide world of having to date again. I've never really dated - I always just got into relationships. So, this is kinda fun. Sometimes. Let me tell you about this new one...about a week ago my sister took me to a gym class with her since she had a free pass. We spotted this super cute guy on a treadmill and we had been discussing what kinds of moves to make on guys (we're liberal females and it doesn't always have to be up to the guy, right?) So, she says you should just give him your number. I was soooo nervous. And honestly thought I was going to vomit - and I hadn't even done anything yet! In the end, I did it. I approached the treadmill because he was on cool down and had jotted my initial 'V' and cell number on a piece of paper and said 'call me!' with a huge grin on my face. He looked perplexed and I left still with the vomit in my throat but also a good odd feeling that I had done it. My sister couldn't even believe it!

On the way home we discussed it and then doubts started creeping into my head. What if he has a girlfriend and she's the one who calls me to b*tch-slap me for trying to steal her man. What if he thought I was horrid-looking. Oh well. What's done is done. And I honestly had forgotten about it because I never go to her gym to workout.
Last night, he texted me! And this is what it said....

"Hi, V. Sorry it took so long for me to contact you - I'm super flattered and think we should get together for a coffee. You should know however that I, um, have a bf."

What if he is gay - that possibility never crossed my mind. So, I wrote back with um, are you serious? You can be straight up with me - I won't be offended. To which he replied, definitely. We should meet for coffee - you seem fun! I'm impressed you had the gazangas to approach me.

I've decided to actually meet him for coffee...he's super cute in any case, but most of all because he used 'gazangas' in a sentence! I love that!

Sigh. The mistrials and mistribulations of my love life.
Have a great weekend...it's a super long one for me! I have been waiting for this week to end and am so happy it's almost over. Happy Easter!


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

what the ....??

Why on earth does the washroom at work smell like food at random times throughout the day?? I am slightly repulsed at the idea of food in the washroom to begin with so when I walk in there to do my lady duties only to be hit in the face with the stence of bacon or cake or something very heavy in food scent - my stomach instantly flip-flops!

Someone brought in an air freshener. Only this air freshener smells of fresh baked hot apple pie when it's sprayed. More food smell. In the washroom. This must be the same person who brings their food in with them.


my bus driver

grey pants (Laura); blue top (Smart Set); black tank (Fairweather); navy shoes (Winners); silver bangle (Club Monaco); drop earrings (Tristan)

My face usually reads like a book. I have puppy dog eyes when I'm sad; they shine when I'm happy and I scowl when I'm frustrated. Needless to say I'm not a good poker player. I get too excited with a good hand and give it all away! Today is a frustrating day at work and so far most of my coworkers have apporached me to ask what's wrong and I hadn't even spoken a word yet.
I used to hate that everyone could read my emotions but after working at a children's hospital - I don't mind so much anymore. I'm a good, empathetic, happy person and usually I make everyone feel better about their day and themselves. I guess it's only right that I let it happen for me too.

I split my commute to work - either drive or take the bus - depending on my work schedule and meeting with sponsors and such. I don't mind taking the bus. The route isn't too long and I can get some reading done that I often find I don't have much time for otherwise. The driver on my first bus is a singing bus driver. I love it! Not everyone shares my joy it seems. This morning he announced that if anyone doesn't want him to sing, to please tell him when they board the bus and he won't sing for the stretch of road that he usually does. It was the saddest thing I think I've heard in a really long time. Who takes offence to a sweet older gentleman who sings these happy-go-lucky songs for all of 6 minutes on a long farm road?!?! I don't think I will ever understand mankind. Fortunately for this driver, many people on the bus felt the same as me and we encouraged him to sing his tune. He always gets a small round of applause and everyone on the bus is smiling after they leave. Why would anyone not want to start their day that way?

So, I'm pretty sure he doesn't read my blog about the clothing choices I make, I am dedicating today's blog to him - and to the other people in this world who try to make everyday a little bit of a nicer place. I hope you all enjoy a day full of song yourselves!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

mulligan to gow

black pants (Reitmans); red top (Le Chateau); black tank (Fairweather); black peep-toe (Sears); yellow necklace (Le Chateau)

It is snowing today. And staying on the ground. Not melting. Ugh.

I know my black pants always say Reitmans and that's because they fit me the best. I've tried, and continue to try, pants at other stores but these serve my needs and I own many pairs of them. It's a pretty safe bet that when it comes to my lower half and pants - they're from that one store. Put it all on black my friends. She's a winner!

I'm also not fully a fan of pairing a solid colour with a solid black pant/skirt/whatever is covering my behind. Sometimes I feel as though it is a very stark contrast. The black tank breaks it down a bit more and the punch of yellow kicks the entire thing into high gear. I almost wore my yellow heels too but then felt too matchy-matchy. My junior high English teacher - I remember her as the very first fashionista I knew. She matched EVERYTHING. The outfit that sticks in my mind the most was comprised of turquoise. All of it. The pant suit (yup - it was 1991). The tank top. The earrings. The shoes. The nylons (I hate the word pantyhose). The head barrette (a grown woman with a barrette. Multiples actually). Sigh. Love her. Funny the things one remembers...I don't want to say she was my inspiration but she did influence me to never match. Kids always made fun of her - as kids tend to do - and I never wanted to be that.

Onto a completely random note...we have an egg-decorating contest here on Thursday. I will be trying to make my egg quirky and fun. I foresee something with feathers. Feathers just scream fun, don't you think?

When I began today's blog, I had tons to say...now that I am writing it, I am at a loss for words. I'm blaming it on the piece of brownie I had over lunch. The sugar is messing with my head. And making me type really really quickly.


Monday, April 6, 2009

hounding the stooth

black pants (Reitmans); black vneck (GAP); brown houndstooth capelet (Le Chateau); booties (Winners); earrings (ALDO)

My cape is actually a brown houndstooth print...reason #432 I need a camera...to show my true daily outfit :)

My weekend was fabulous! Friday night found me being served by our local firefighters...it was a spaghetti dinner fundraiser. Let's just say it was yummy. And the food wasn't bad either...hehe
Saturday I vegged. All day. All night. I loved it. And it was definitely needed. Sunday I had a work breakfast and then my goddaughter's bridal shower. She was totally surprised which I love because no one gets surprised anymore!! She was crying and the entire afternoon was a delight! I love a good surprise and was happy this one turned out to be.

I'm considering a birthday trip for myself to New York. I have some friends down there and one of my closest girlfriends lives in Long Island - plus, did you hear?? TopShop opened in Soho. I definitely need to check that out!


Friday, April 3, 2009

mon obsession du jour

all headbands (Forever 21)

This week I am obsessing about headbands.

There are cute ones to be found anywhere and everywhere! My sister and I scour dollar stores for fun ones all the time. Many bloggers I follow are spectacularly talented at creating their own hair creations. I would glue-gun my fingers together.

I am pretty lucky in that I only really have to wash my hair every 3 days or so...and on that 3rd day it's a ponytail day. If, for some reason, I can't wash it for a 4th day (like at summer camp) the headband comes in super handy!

Today's headbands are:

- pretty and chic (their feather and bow accents make them oh so cute!)

- functional (growing out your bangs? no one needs to know)

- add pizzazz (self-explanatory...who the heck doesn't like pizzazz?!)

- inexpensive (hold out and buy them on sale or make them yourself...no need to break the bank when there are tons of options out there)

Our hair makes a statement whether we think so or not. Why not accessorize it too?


p.s. and it isn't just a trend for the younguns...keeping the band thin with a bit of a bow for work makes you look chic - save the flowers, feathers and sequins for your down time

Thursday, April 2, 2009

greece lightning!

jeans (Reitmans); white top (GAP); boyfriend cardigan (Joe Fresh); grey pashmina (Fairweather); vintage Pumas (Winners); pearl studs (gifted)

It's official...I put a deposit down on my trip to Greece! I'm super stoked!

My plan of action is to save money (to shop there of course), get fit (ie lose some weight) and figure out what and how to pack for 3 weeks. In Greece. Did I mention I'm going to Greece? :)

This past week I have beyond snoozed on my alarm clock. Pretty much I've gotten my wash the face, get dressed and grab everything for work down to the minute that I just get lazier each day. Not good. I will be recharging this weekend and preparing outfits and lunches and be invigorated for the busiest 3 months in our office.

My coworker is still on me to be set-up with not one, but two men she knows and thinks I'd be a good match with. I've discovered that the magic question to ask when one tells you they have someone for you to meet is 'why do you think we'd be a good pair?' It weeds out the superficial answers (though having a great body does not go overlooked) but also it gives me the opportunity to view how others see me and what I may be looking for. My sister always points out these 'gino' guys she thinks I'd be attracted to when it couldn't be farther from the truth. I'm into shaved head, Vin Diesel kinda guys. Rockers with a little meat on them.

In Grease, my favourite character is Kinicky. This may also be because I like to think that I'm Rizzo.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

happy month

black pants (Reitmans); turtleneck (GAP); white tunic/dress (Costa Blanca); purple belt (San Francisco); pearl studs (gifted); black heels (Winners); bow headband (Dynamite)

In Greek, we say 'Happy Month' (it loses something in the english translation) on the 1st of every month. It's for luck and to bring prosper for any task to be done over the next 30 or so days.

I am taking this opportunity to go on a wild savings spree. Shop in my closet as many of the bloggers I read have been, and also just not shop at all. I don't 'need' for anything and I've become pretty good at changing up my wardrobe with inspiration from so many sources. Summer will be here before I know it and Greece is calling my name...plus, my travel agent called me today with a lower price for my ticket and that kinda kick-started the need for me to save even more than I have been. Somewhere in between paying for all the wedding bonanzas going on, as well as the regular bills and such, I will find extra cash to shop in Europe. They have the best shoes...and frankly, I am all about the shoes! And I want to spend a week on an island on my behind doing nothing. That prospect excites me even more than shoes.

I also found out that in French April Fool's Day is called 'Poisson d'Avril' which loosely means April Fish. I had never heard this expression before in all of my 30 years and I was even partly educated in French. Too funny! Kids would spend the morning making paper fishes and then sticking them on other's backs without them knowing. I used to do that with Post-Its. Rebel. I know.