Wednesday, February 17, 2010

oh deer.

car (Toyota Matrix)

Oh deer. Indeed.

This past weekend (yes, I am aware it's Wednesday) has been a tramautic one.
On my way back Friday night from an event at a ski hill, I was hit by a deer. I swerved and miss most of it but the pics above show the part that I could not get away from. The deer was nowhere to be found and I was shaking the entire drive home. I've heard people say that they just jump out in front of you...and boy - do they! Did I mention it's my b/f's car??? Ugh.

Saturday morning I get a call from one of my best friends - her dad passed away suddenly. So, this week is low on outfits (I'm pretty much wearing black) and will be even fewer on posts.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

grey pants (Laura); black turtleneck dress (Reitmans); pink bow belt (Walmart); grey headband (sister's room); pearl studs (gifted)

I'm still playing around with location photographs and this whole self-portrait thing. It's a challenge.

This pink belt was the very first belt I bought after seeing belts in a blog. You can't totally tell from the photograph but it's pale pink and wide. I bunched the turtleneck dress up a bit to make my leg line look longer, yet still keep my torso long. I find with having big girl ta-tas, belts can be tricky and break up the body in unflattering ways.

It just means I take more time playing around with an outfit...and who doesn't like playing dress-up!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

standin' and shootin'

black dress (Reitmans); purple tank (Fairweather); black tights (Shoppers Drug Mart & Addition Elle); silver stud earrings (gifted); silver chain necklace (Reitmans)

I have to give major props to those talented bloggers that can take self-portraits.

I am standing on a toilet seat trying to get a decent shot of myself to post.

I'm nothing if not entertaining :)


Monday, February 8, 2010

catch a glimpse...

drawers (part of vintage set)

I tried to take a self-portrait this weekend and my camera was having none of that!

Instead, you get a glimpse of how I store my clothes. This is just one drawer set. I purchased a vintage bedroom set a couple of years ago and it includes the woman's and man's chest of drawers, a vanity table (which is the main reason I even purchased the set) and double bed. My mom always jokes about how I will need a full bedroom in my married house for just my stuff - and truly, it's no joke.

I joke around with my b/f now about how I will end up with the master bedroom wall-to-wall closet while I can move his stuff to the spare bedroom. He doesn't really like my jokes.


Friday, February 5, 2010


coat (GAP); long mittens (Jacob); eyeglasses (Gucci)

My b/f is off to Vancouver so I will have to improvise with my photos for the next little while. I do have a camera on my Blackberry and have figured out how to get the pictures from it to the computer - major step!

I'm also thinking of showcasing some photos of me cleaning, re-organizing and re-decorating his that he is letting me decorate!

This is the coat I wear to work most days - it's roomy enough to wear over my suits and dressy enough to wear to meetings. I love the dark purple colour and the slight elegance the long mittens add to the look....or, so I like to think.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

stylin' and profilin'

jeans (Eddie Bauer); brown zip-up (Tommy Hilfiger); blue tshirt (Tommy Hilfiger); scarf (Levi Strauss); old, groudy slippers (unknown)

This is my b/f.

These are the Valentine's Day gifts I got him (well, the top parts).

We exchanged gifts early because he will be working at the Vancouver Winter Olympics and is leaving tomorrow.

I made him smile because he hates it but I like how it turned out because he looks kinda mischievous which definitely encompasses his personality.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

one hundred plus one.

greyish pants (Laura); checkered top (Winners); black shrug (Reitmans); stockings (Shoppers Drug Mart); earrings (Banana Republic); bead necklace (Banana Republic); black wedges (Winners - not shown)

I have written 101 postings!
Most were written last year...but I'm now getting the hang of this blog thang - and I kinda like it!
Posing is soooo awkward...I get my b/f to take the photos and just stand and smile at him. I'm not one for attention AT ALL (which is quite ironic since I take and post pictures of myself on the world wide web). So, we try to make it a bit fun too.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010


sweater (Roots); tshirt (Ricki's); nude cami (Fairweather); jeans (GAP); black socks (dad's drawer); earrings (Banana Republic)

I bought this sweater at the Roots store in Tremblant Village. Love how cozy it is.

The store had a small banner on the sales rack that mentioned an extra 20% off red-tagged sale items. So, I found my sweater and got the b/f a shirt as well. When I got to the cash, the cashier told me that the promotion had been last week and wasn't going to give me the deal. The manager happened to walk by at that moment and as the cashier told her the situation, she gave me the deal with a heavy sigh. As we were leaving the store, I thanked them and the manager snickers about how I have an eagle eye.

The dilemma here for me is I wonder if I would have made a big deal about not getting the extra 20% off. All my friends are like well they had to give it to you...but a part of me was just going to purchase the sale items regardless.

Am I cowardly for not wanting to make a big deal about it??

Am I too soft??


Monday, February 1, 2010


denim dress (Zellers); black pants (Reitmans); cowlneck sweater (Tristan); diamond studs (Banana Republic): necklace (Le Chateau); grey socks (Dynamite); black boots (Winners - not shown)

This look is derived from 2 different blogs I read last blogger put a cowlneck sweater under a dress and another blogger talked about wearing a denim dress in a different way - et voilĂ !

My weekend was super relaxing! I found out some good friends are expecting a baby; another good friend got engaged; and I now await the 3rd piece of good news (bad news can't be the only thing that comes in 3's).