Tuesday, March 31, 2009

working girl

pants (Reitmans); top (Winners); clear bead necklace (Banana Republic); pearl studs (gifted); black wedges (Winners)

Working Girl is one of my favourite movies ever! I had some meetings this morning and when walking back to my office with my trench and carrier bag - I caught a glimpse of myself in a window and the image of Melanie Griffith popped into my head! Umm, I look nothing like Melanie Griffith - I have dark brown eyes, dark brown hair, shorter, curvier...but I looked very 'working girl', plus, it was on tv over the weekend :)

The concert was amazing! Even better than the one I saw in the fall. What was hilarious though is that women were throwing their panties and bras on stage at the guys - even some flashing going on. This didn't even happen at Motley Crue when Tommy Lee came on stage. All those pent-up teen hormones must have been out in spades! Too funny!

I have more bridal shower shopping to do tonight. While I like the idea of a gift registry, I often find myself shopping outside of the suggested for a couple of reasons - I know the bride personally so I can find her something else she would like, and, more importantly, I can usually find items for much less than the retail price. And saving money is the name of the game, especially when for one bride there is an engagement party, bridal shower, stag and doe, bachelorette party and the wedding. Then multiply that same scenario by 4 and that's what my summer looks like. Truth be told, I'd rather spend my money on what I'm going to wear....


Monday, March 30, 2009


skirt (GAP); turtleneck (GAP); black tank (Fairweather); purple tights (Addition Elle); black bead necklace (Banana Republic); pearl studs (gifted); black heels (Winners)

This is exactly what I look like today! Mind you I'm not so gargantuan in stature but the Polyvore outfit actually does my real outfit justice. And...I'm rocking the purple tights! I bought them a couple of weeks ago and they are so soft - I know I'm not too rebellish with the all-black ensemble but baby steps, plus, my office leans more toward the corporate so I don't want to shock everyone. Mondays are bad enough. In fact, I think my purple will brighten their day.

Tonight is the NKOTB concert! I saw them in September and am so psyched to see them again tonight! I wasn't allowed to attend concerts when I was a kid so I'm reliving my youth. The entire stadium is filled with 25 - 45 year old women. It's awesome! I'll just be swapping my skirt for some jeans. Comfort is key...with a little chic thrown in.

My weekend was fantastic! It started with attending a dance club that now opens on Fridays and they were mixing down 90s music all night - along with $5 drinks. Fantastical. The best part is that the club only had like a dozen people in it (the new night is really very new) and we had the entire club to ourselves. Plus, got to schmooze with the night managers so now we have an 'in' for their super busy Saturday nights. It pays to love 90s music. Well, I think so :)

I took my campers out to the movies this weekend. Saw Monsters vs Aliens in 3D. So cool. The 5-year-old brother of my camper tells me in a not-so-quiet voice that he and his sisters don't like Hannah Montana (this came after we just see a HM commercial). Before I can ask why he says she does bad things with boys. Whoa. I think half the theatre turned around to see where the comment had come from and I had to bite the inside of my cheek to not burst out in laughter! Out of the mouth of babes, right?


Friday, March 27, 2009

to fun and frivolity

jeans (Banana Republic); turtleneck (GAP); black tank (Dynamite); brown booties (Jovene); necklace (Le Chateau); pearl studs (gifted)

Who doesn't do the Friday countdown, right?

I have the busiest next few weeks...it all started last night with a cocktail work reception I had to attend and continues well into my weekend...a birthday shindig tonight, dinner and movies with my camper kids over the weekend, NKOTB on Monday! Super stoked!

And I'm ahead of the game with knowing what I'm wearing to each event and it's steamed and pressed and good to go! Time is of the essence it seems because it never fails that something last minute almost always arises that would essentially cut into my prep time. I'm ready!

My fabulous friends are on the look-out to set me up. I do appreciate the love and am honestly looking forward to more date stories I can share :) but it also makes me a little nervous. I've always just kind of 'fallen' into relationships and never really 'dated' per se. I get butterflies now just thinking about it - but good fluttery butterflies - not nauseating can't eat anything butterflies.

So, blog buddies, I wish you all a fun and frivolous weekend!


Thursday, March 26, 2009


This is quite possibly the most fashionable child ever.

Her mom is also a gorgeous lady so it's no wonder.

Makes you think though - is one born with a keen sense of style or is it learned?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

mon obsession du jour

(from the top) Zoran Dobric; Nada; Carlie Wong

Canadian Designers = Current Obsession.

I was watching segments from Toronto's Fashion Week over the weekend and they were showcasing their Fall/Winter 2009 Collections (my favourite time of year!) and there are so many outstanding Canucks making their mark in the fashion world - I love it!

I am extremely proud to be a Canadian. I have discovered in some of my more recent jaunts around the city, a few boutiques carrying exclusively Canadian clothiers and jewellers and it's refreshing to be able to support the arts in your country. Fashion is definitely in the arts category and whereas years ago it would have been extremely difficult to find a department store that may carry a few pieces of something a Canadian created, now I can find an entire shop of items to choose from.

This doesn't take away any of the choices I can get from my friends across the border - but there is something to be had if I'm ever asked the question "Who are you wearing?" and I can reply "oh so-and-so, a fantastic Canadian designer".

*double hugs*

meetings schmeetings

black suit (Reitmans); white shell (Banana Republic); yellow shoes (Spring); necklace (Banana Republic); pearl studs (gifted)

What a day! I got into work and it was meeting after meeting after meeting. I'm now in between meetings and writing a blog post. Dedication.

It's a gorgeous day today and I can't wait to go home and clean. You read it right. Clean. I want to finish all the spring cleaning now so I don't have to do it when the even more gorgeous weather is here. I intend to spend my time outdoors enjoying the sun and finding new haunts in the city. One of my favourite things to do here. The nation's capital. Let me know if you're ever near - we'll hook up!

As you may have noticed, the yellow shoes are out again. I got tons of compliments on them today...guess the black and white ensemble really shows off the incredible colour. I feel super springy today even with the black suit. It's all the colour in the accessories...I'm doing really well so far at keeping outfits light in colour. I'm even going to try and make some colour combinations over the next few days and weeks to see what I can come up with. I find when I dress bright, I feel bright. I'm sure there's some scientific research proving this theory.

I hope you all enjoy bright days wherever you are :)


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

rayon? oh, it's on!

black pants (Reitmans); taupe top (Banana Republic); black heels (Winners); bib necklace (The Bay); drop earrings (Reitmans)

I will never buy anything with 'rayon' again. I didn't know this material causes clothes to wrinkle quicker than ice cream melting on a hot day! I steamed my shirt this morning and 20 minutes later after getting into work, it looks like I picked it up from underneath a pile of heavy clothing. Boo. My coworker told me it's the rayon. Sigh.

I'm also not feeling my outfits the last two days...it's mainly because they have been quick go-tos instead of thinking about an outfit the night before. In retrospect, my shirt doesn't look at all like the Polyvore one - except for the taupe colour. Instead, it's a short-puffy-sleeved button down v-neck. There's a visual for ya! My favourite part of the outfit is the gold bib necklace I bought over the weekend. I went in looking for shower gifts and left with a little gifty for me. (I also ended up buying full fishnets, purple tights and brown booties...but I digress)

I finally watched Twilight the movie - I'm about to start reading the 3rd book in the series - and I know some of you will not be happy with my assessment but I wasn't that thrilled with the film. Mind you, the same thing happened with the Harry Potter movies. The stories are so close to the books that I find myself bored with what I'm watching. I loved the filming though (like a homemade movie) but it didn't really capture my attention overall. I will still however watch all the others when they come out. I'm a movie buff.


Monday, March 23, 2009

i love love

black pants (Reitmans); black and white top (Suzy Shier); black cami (Fairweather); black heels (Winners); silver hoops (H&M); charm necklace (H&M)

I love love. I love the light that it gives people. I love the light that it gives me.

Some dear friends got married yesterday and a more perfect day they couldn't have tried to make. They radiated with happiness and oozed love out of their pores. Can't wait until someone says that about me :)

What is it about weddings that just makes every impossible feat somehow seem possible. Like the world is yours to take over and rule.......aaaaand, scene ~ I'm done with the sap talk now less anyone reading this starts to gag...

My weekend was lovely...I discovered frozen alcoholic drinks. You know those frozen fruit cocktails you can find at the frozen food section of the grocery store - you just add water to the frozen mix. Well, they come in daquari and margarita and mojito flavours. Just add alcohol. OH. MY. GAWD. Summer will never be the same and my poor blender will be in overdrive. I also discovered flowers at Costco (in the US, I think it's Sam's Club). You can get 2-dozen long-stemmed roses in any colour for $20. What the heck?? You can't make this stuff up!

In closing, frozen drinks and cheap gorgeous flowers. I am one happy gal!


Friday, March 20, 2009

power to the flower

dark denim (GAP); cream top (Banana Republic); flower heels (Spring); drop earrings (Reitmans); flower bracelet (H&M)

The flowers are aligning for me today...a gracious stranger bought me a coffee, I found a parking spot close to my building, I am having a catered lunch and dinner, the sun is shining, and life is beautiful.

I have the wedding of some close friends on Sunday and all weekend the weather is supposed to be glorious. Winter is over my friends and I am delighting in that notion. I don't like summer clothes though - I'm not one to bare arms but I'm getting better at liking mine and more confident in nature...I hope. I love skirts and wedge shoes ~ oh, and gladiator sandals so it really looks like I enjoy dressing for summer. If I force myself into the moment, I will learn to like it. That's what I did with winter too. I forced myself out on sunny days to do activities in the hopes it would feel as though it was passing faster - and it kinda did. Kinda.

My challenge for the upcoming months is to banish black and be happy with me. I've never been one to back away from a challenge :)

Have a wonderful weekend!


Thursday, March 19, 2009

even better than black and white

trouser jeans (Reitmans); zebra top (Winners); black tank (Fairweather); black belt (Suzy Shier); grey wedges (Winners); silver bangle (Club Monaco); silver hoops (Laura); bag (gifted)

What's better than black and white you say? Black and cream. I love the richness and warmth that comes from that colour combination. I commented the other day how I'm not a fan of yellow/orange with black because I think it looks too costumey, but when paired with grey...why, it looks wonderfully chic!

So, I had a date last night. Don't yippee yet.

A friend set me up with a mutual acquaintance thinking we'd get along famously. This morning I sent her an email expressing my interest in what ways she thinks we'd get along...I'll tell you why...He cooked dinner for me at his house. Very sweet and not a bad cook. I excused myself to the little girl's room before dessert - I came back into the living room and there was my date in all his naked glory. That's right folks - n.a.k.e.d. Now, I didn't feel threatened or anything in this situation (and I trust my gut); it was just oddly strange and super weird. No other way around it. I kindly asked him to put his clothes back on all the while running our dinner conversation in my head trying to figure out what messages I sent him and how he got the idea to remove his clothing. Perhaps he overheated; obviously he is very confident in nature. The kicker folks? I stayed for hot chocolate because I didn't know what else to do. I did however down that hot chocolate in 2 gulps and excused myself for the night. Welcome to the wide world of dating. Sigh.

Needless to say, I now have a story for the masses. That's me - always looking on the positive side of things...my world is never just black and white. There's a lot of cream thrown in for good measure.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

mon obsession du jour

Shoes. Mon obsession du life.

I feel as though these are the shoes that would cover all my fashion needs and wants for spring and summer.
Remember every Sex and the City episode where you waited with baited breath to see what was adorning Carrie's tender tootsies? This is the power of the shoe. Atleast, that's what it does for me. I base entire outfits around a shoe. Heck, I couldn't wait to run out and buy the exact same yellow pair of heels that I wore out last season. It makes a cloudy day sunny; It makes snow melt; It makes a sad person glad. Completely frivolous and absolutely fabulous!

But, dear friends, don't forget the only rule a summer shoe wearer must abide by....

The pedicure. Don't leave home without it.

*double hugs*

in order to be successful, you have to work hard

grey trousers (Laura); white tunic (Costa Blanca); purple belt (San Francisco); black heels (Winners); silver bangle (Club Monaco); pearl studs (gifted)

I wish I had a camera because this outfit looks much better on me than in a polyvore picture. I bought myself a white and black top/dress/tunic because I loved them both so much I couldn't decide which colour was better! I think the top/dress/tunic was originally made to be a dress but it's not legal for me to wear something at that length - trust me when I say no one wants to see that - so I paired it with a skinny leg and belt for better proportions. It worked! Rock glam. Sigh.

I am on a journey to better myself...physically, mentally, relationships, workwise - in all ways possible. I'm a good person. I'm a great person. I could be a greater person. At a meeting last night, the keynote speaker uttered a phrase that I have now post-it noted by my computer screen.

The phrase?

In order to be successful, you have to work hard.

Such a simple truth and utterly transferable to every aspect of life...well, to my life.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

'cause you gotta have faith

pants (Reitmans); suit jacket (Banana Republic); white shell (Banana Republic); yellow shoes (Spring); chain bracelet (Pom Pom); silver bangle (Club Monaco); pearl studs (gifted)

This suit is navy in colour, hence, the pairing of the yellow footwear. I don't like black and yellow together as it looks too costumey - same with black and orange. Just me.

I know you've been waiting with baited breath about whether I spent the 30% off coupon at selected retailers...well kids, I DID! I bought 8 items (4 at Banana and 4 at GAP) which came to $150. Gotta love me some coupons! And a nice assortment of items to carry me over in the winter-almost-over-not-quite-spring-but-I-want-new-clothes-to-feel-good season. My purchases included jeans, the suit jacket I'm wearing today, a couple of work tops, a skirt, turtleneck and tshirts. Love them!

As you can see from the last few posts, I have worn my yellow shoes TONS! See how I wore them out last season? Well, the other day I felt they had a tinge of green to them so I asked some coworkers and they all said the shoes were lime in colour. I don't want to believe it but even my eyes can see a bit of the green. Oh well...I adore them anyhow.

To balance out this sometimes vain and mindless blog about shoes and shopping, let me tell you what I've been doing the past couple of days. I work at a children's hospital and this week child representatives from each paediatric hospital in Canada are in the city to meet each other. They are the most inspiring part of my job - and the reason I LOVE my job. To hear these brave children speak so openly and be so forthcoming about their illness puts the world into perspective. Suddenly, having to walk an extra few minutes because you had to park far from your building or having to wait a bit in a drive-thru for your morning coffee means nothing. My troubles may be my troubles but I have never had to fight for my life - least of all when I was 5. Our keynote speaker was a child who has to use sign language to communicate. Our keynote speaker. You could hear a pin-drop in the room when she "spoke". Needless to say, a large part of my job involves crying. Happy tears, sad tears, tears of laughter and joy and sometimes sorrow. And I wouldn't trade it in for all the clothes in the world.


Friday, March 13, 2009

colour chameleon

trouser jeans (Reitmans); tan jacket (Mexx); red top (Costa Blanca); yellow shoes (Spring); necklace (Banana Republic); earrings (Dynamite)

Colour - two days in a row! This must be a sign that spring is indeed around the corner! Atleast it seems that it will be this weekend - can't wait for the great weather we're supposed to have!

I was inspired by a woman walking down the street the other day wearing tan and red...then a blogger that I read wore red and yellow...I put all 3 together! It worked really well - I have a feeling this is going to be a go-to outfit for the spring.

I received a 30% off coupon for the GAP, Old Navy and Banana Republic. I am really torn over whether I should shop or not. I am on a savings spree and don't really need anything. We'll see on Monday if I succumbed to temptation. I'm also going sapping on Sunday...some friends of mine have land at a sugar bush and it's time to collect the maple syrup! I've never done it before so I'm excited, plus, what a great way to spend time outdoors. Should be fun. Now, what does one wear to sap??


Thursday, March 12, 2009

mon obsession du jour

Oversize clutches. My obsession of the day.

Whoever decided to take the delicate, small clutch of yester-year and triple its size - I LOVE YOU...whoever you may be.

I simply adore the polish, pizzazz and fun that a large clutch adds to an outfit. Going out for brunch with the gals; heading out on a hot date; adding that little something extra to a wedding outfit. You can't go wrong with these. They are almost always simple in design as their size makes their statement.

To the nay-sayers who hate that they don't have straps...straps are over-rated. The clutch isn't for someone who is looking for hands-free practicality. It's a fashion statement - and a darn good one at that.

I leave you with this thought...imagine you are walking down your main downtown street wearing dark denim, a white shirt, statement necklace and wait for it, an oversize clutch. You are the envy of everyone around you. Stand loud and proud. The clutch demands it.

*double hugs*

i am spring; hear me roar

trouser jeans (Reitmans); sheer floral top (Winners); blue cardigan (Zellers); nude tank top (Fairweather); yellow shoes (Spring); pearl studs (gifted)

I am so full of colour today...you would never know that half my closet is composed of black clothing. And it's making everyone around me happy and giving them springs in their step. Glad I could make the day brighter, one bright shoe at a time.

My beloved yellow shoes are on my feet for another year. I wore OUT the pair I bought last year... I wore them all spring, summer and into the fall and then they were done. Yellow shoes just add an unexpected element to an outfit. Speaking of outfits, my brother was rocking a plaid shirt with a striped vest this morning. He is definitely a fashionista. He's tall and slim so clothes just fall on him so well...not that there's anything wrong with cute and curvy (which is me) - clothes just fall differently on my protruding hips than they do on his non-existent ones.

The sun is shining and it's Thursday and only one more day until the weekend. Tonight I will be heading with a friend to the hall where her wedding reception will be held. I am her decorator so we're getting a feel for the place. It's 2 weeks away! They're getting married in a sugar bush. I'm Greek...we don't have small weddings. Heck, our Sunday lunches are never less than 20 people around a table. This will be a different experience for me for sure. I'm looking forward to it!

In Twilight news, I finished the 2nd book in the series last night and can't wait to get the 3rd! I am tired this week mainly because I'm staying up way too late reading about vampires. Umm, good thing I don't have an over-active imagination. I'd never sleep otherwise.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

if only i drank coffee

black cropped pants (Reitmans); black tunic (Reitmans); knee high boots (Winners); earrings (gifted); latte (Starbucks)

Yesterday was pure craziness at work and I didn't even have time to post!

I've been house-sitting the past few days and when I left my house to go to the other house, I packed few things and made them light and versatile. In one word, black. So, today it's black but I am happy to report I still have yet to repeat an outfit since I began the blog. I've repeated items but none of my outfits felt old or redundant. I'm a happy camper.

There are days I wished I liked the taste of coffee...days like every day so far this week so the caffeine rush would help me charge through some work. Cappuccinos do it for me but leave an after-taste in my mouth (which I've been told is similar to what coffee does). I tried drinking it in university, it only put me to sleep. Though it hasn't been proven if exhaustion was the culprit in putting me to snooze or indeed the coffee.

Last night was the Motley Crue concert!!! It was awesome! I was looking forward to people watching but there weren't any real crazy outfits...sigh. Too bad. But there were tons of kids...like 6 year olds with their folks. On the one hand, absolutely cool that they're bringing their kids to a rock show. On the other hand, WTF are you doing bringing your kids to a rock show?? MC's slide show alone was too much for my eyes at times, let alone the conversations some parents had with their kids on the drive home from the concert. I would love to be a fly on a wall sometimes...actually, I would love for my super power to be invisible. Yup. I'm a creeper.


Monday, March 9, 2009

when it rains...

pants (Reitmans); green top (Banana Republic); cream tank (Fairweather); black heels (Winners): black fishnet stockings (Shoppers); flower bracelet (H&M); pearl studs (gifted)

I spent yesterday in Montreal...a more gorgeous day to window-shop and people-watch there hasn't been in awhile. And I did a little bit of real shopping too! A brand-spanking new H&M opened on St Catherine Street and that's where I spent my moola...I bought the flower bracelet I'm sporting today; a pearl and burnt gold chain necklace; a water-colour inspired giant clutch. I will love sporting that pretty purse around town!

Saturday night I had a friend's birthday dinner - I love dinner parties...and another friend's bachelorette which was a truly magical evening. Candles and flowers and decorations and we drank and laughed and talked into the wee hours and it was a wonderful night. Just what I want mine to be like! Low-key and fabulous!

I am house-sitting for the next few days and am sooo excited! They have a jacuzzi and I've been dreaming of soaking it up right after work...they've left me a bottle of wine, as well as food and all the comforts of home if I had my own place (a work in major need of progress).

I am also reading the 2nd book in the Twilight series...I read the 1st one last week and was hooked. I thought I'd finally check out what the hype is about and it's definitely living up to its hype potential...I love everything about how this storyteller tells her story. No wonder a bazillion readers have fallen in love with reading again.


Friday, March 6, 2009

black crack

jeans (Reitmans); cowl neck top (Tristan); black tank (Dynamite); black heels (Winners); black fishnet kneehighs (Fancy Sox); pearl studs (gifted)
It's the end of no black pants week! I did it! I also realized that since I started this blogging experience, I have yet to duplicate an outfit at work. And that was truly one of the reasons I wanted to start this work wardrobe blog. My conclusions about this - I have a lot of clothes. I just wasn't utilizing them to their potential - and even now I still have so much work to do. A journey I'm definitely looking forward to persuing.
Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

rock glam?

shiny pants (?); turtleneck dress (Reitmans); belt (Suzy Shier); gladiator heels (Winners); cuff (Le Chateau); pearl studs (gifted); headband (Dynamite)

My favourite fashion look truly is anything rocker. I love seeing shows where the designer has incorporated a little bit of rock with a little bit of glam. I figured since my closet has A LOT of black - why not try mixing it up with textures and see where it takes me. Tada! Today's outfit. Now, I know I challenged myself to no black pants...I'm cheating a little bit because these are a skinnier shinier black pant that I normally wouldn't wear to work.

I have joined a pool to vote for the winner of America's Next Top Model...Canada's version will be airing soon too! Not sure who I like - but there are many I really don't like. And WHY do they cry at their makeovers?? It's not like they weren't expecting a hair change. That just bugs me.

Tonight I'm off to yet another adult fun super store to find items for a friend's bachelorette. I've been told the one I'm visiting tonight is a lot raunchier than the others. There's even a 2-way mirror in the change rooms! Definitely gonna check that out...then it's off for chicken wings! How dorky am I? Well, I woke up this morning and the first thought in my head was how for dinner I'd be having beer and wings. Dressed like a rocker chic. Dreams do come true.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

grey day go away

Grey pants (Laura); silver silk top (Winners); grey and black open cardigan (Forever 21); black tank (GAP); boots (Winners); pearl studs (gifted); silver chain bracelet (Pom Pom); silver bangle (Club Monaco); black bow headband (Dynamite)

Is it spelled grey or gray? I like the way 'grey' looks better than 'gray'. Just cleaner. Weird, I know.

One of my favourite sounds in the whole world is hearing laughter. A child's giggle; a huge belly laugh; even a run-out-of-breath-it-hurts-my-chest laugh. At one of my meetings today, the sales manager had a bottom-of-his-gut laugh and every time he would start, I had to bite my lip from laughing too! Everyone else in the room either wasn't paying attention or is used to him or doesn't find it as amusing or as lovely a sound as I do. I couldn't believe no one was laughing along with him! Even now I think about it and I'm giggling at my computer. Definitely puts a smile on my face :)

What's equally as bad is that I laugh at completely inappropriate times. Completely inappropriate. Like during a church service; during a board meeting; even during a wake. I was standing with a friend at a friend's aunt's wake and when our priest blessed the body, a random woman screamed out 'Amen' in the silence and my friend and I had to dig our nails into each other's palms to keep from bursting out in laughter. What made it extra funny is that we don't speak during our Orthodox services so it was a woman deep in prayer showing her blessings and we couldn't deal with it. So bad, I know. It was a "my mother would have smacked me across the back of the head" moment for sure.

Oh yeah - I'm not wearing black pants on Day 3 of my No Black Pants Challenge. Yay me!


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

lace and leather...nothing's better

Lace skirt (Suzy Shier); black turtleneck (GAP); jacket (Laura); black heels (Winners); black tights (Shoppers Drug Mart); chain necklace (Reitmans); silver hoop earrings (Laura); eyeglasses (Gucci)

Day 2 of my self-imposed challenge of no black pants. Instead, a black skirt. I'm making it work!

Tomorrow may be a little harder as I have meetings all day so I need to re-think the classic black suit I'd usually wear...

We had some yummy cake for my mom's birthday last night, and watched The Bachelor with half the world. I don't ever watch this show but my mom has been following it and it was her night so we obliged. It was a little crazy how The Bachelor switched gears but guess you can't blame him - it is his life and these things do happen in real life as well. His dirty laundry just gets to be aired in front of millions of Americans. Sucks to be him right now. I bet there are women out there hoping he falls into a ditch.

Speaking of ditches...backing out of the driveway this morning, I nearly rear-ended my sister who was backing out first. She had stopped for a pedestrian and I usually am more vigilant but obviously wasn't paying attention. That was near casualty number 1. The second near-casualty of the morning was in a mall parking lot where I dropped off my brother to catch the bus and a car peeled out of its spot and zoomed in front of me. Number 3 came when I stopped for my morning Starbucks and at the turning light, the gentleman in front of me made a left turn and an immediate right turn so quickly that I thought I was going to hit him. These things come in 3's...I hope those were mine. Pray for me.

As a closing thought for this sun shining Tuesday morning, go see Slumdog Millionaire. Do it.


Monday, March 2, 2009

picture perfect in purple

Tweed pants (Laura); Purple top (Walmart); black tank (Fairweather); brown and pink pumps (Winners); pearl studs (gifted); vintage-inspired ring (gifted)

My self-imposed challenge this week will be to try and not wear black pants. They are definitely a staple in my wardrobe and I have several different kinds of black pants (wide-leg, skinny leg, low-waist, high-waist, suit, etc) Today I am fashioning a tweed pair that are purple. They are super long and I always forget to hem them - my secret? Duct tape. I have turned many a girlfriend with long jeans onto the power of the sticky grey beauty. When I discovered that they come in mini-size at my local hardware store, I stocked up! They are great in a fashion emergency...real life emergency too.

My weekend was busy. I took Saturday afternoon for myself and shopped 'til I dropped a bit of cash. I ended up with tons of cute (and cheap) buys, plus 3 pair of shoes! One pair is a yellow pair of heels. I bought these last year and wore them out! I have been waiting for the store to bring them back and they did - so I jumped. I also bought 2 pairs of gladiator sandals - one's a snakeskin pair and the other is black leather with studs. I love rock glam! I'm hoping to channel it. Or try to channel it.

I'm going to take a second and talk about Payless. Now, I love Payless. My shoe obsession began with a pair I purchased at Payless. However, I walked in there on the weekend to check out some shoes that other bloggers have posted about. I found them - and then some! What bugged me wasn't the amazing selection that they now have - many designers are creating collections for Payless - but the prices made my jaw dropped. Literally I stood in the 81/2 aisle with my mouth agape. Shoes for $60. Nothing in the spring selection for less than $40. I'm no cheapskate - love a good deal - but what the heck is with the price increase? The quality hasn't changed all that much. Shoes still squeak; it isn't real leather; the synthetic materials make the foot sweaty and stinky. I do adore Payless but I'm not paying less. Especially when I also shopped at a boutique moments before and found quality shoes on regular price for much less.

It's just a little too crazy for me. I will still shop there but will be waiting for BOGO and for clearance.

To end on a positive note, it's my mom's 51st birthday today! We threw her a surprise bash last year for her 50th and she still talks about it today for which I am thrilled! Nothing like a good party for the ages :)