Friday, February 27, 2009

my rainbows....

Jeans (Reitmans); Cream top (Banana Republic); Army jacket (Fairweathers); Brown Boots (Payless); jewellery (gifted)

It's Friday!! Let's rejoice! Sing Hallelujah! Do a little dance; Make a little love; Get down tonight!

Even though there is rain here, rain washes away the yellow and brown snow, it brings the warm sunshine and most importantly, rainbows! My pot of gold will be waiting for me in a nice chilled mug after work.

My weekend will be filled with me time and family time. Tonight drinks and pizza with some girlfriends. Tomorrow some shopping and personal waxing and a dinner party with more friends. Sunday a 'date' with my boss and visit with my cousins. And, Sunday will be March 1...spring is just around the corner and I can't wait to:

- not have to put on a down-filled coat anymore

- not search for my missing mitten

- not forget to clean the salt stains off my boots

I've decided to get me a tattoo. Before I turned 30 last June, I made a list of things I wanted to do before I turned 30. Getting a tattoo was on that list. I have always known where I wanted it and what I wanted (on my hip; a palm tree with stars). I have now decided to get 3 stars on the inside of my left wrist. It will represent me and my siblings; the past, present and future; as well as to always shoot for the stars. I am beyond excited about this and not the least bit nervous or anxious. I think that's when you know that you're ready for it.

Enjoy your weekend!


Thursday, February 26, 2009

all work. no play.

All work and no play makes me an all working, no playing gal.

It's been like that all week! Tonight I have a friend's birthday so that'll liven things up a bit!

I made some purchases on the weekend - 2 of which I'm wearing today (a vest and silver chain necklace). All the shops were having end of season and BOGO sales galore! Good time to shop if you can to pick up pieces useful for all-season wear. The blue vest I bought will look awesome with spring skirts, capris, jeans and a suit - though not all at the same time :)

Grey pants (GAP); white blouse (Reitmans); blue faux-wrap vest (Reitmans); silver chain necklace (Reitmans); silver bangle (Club Monaco); pearl studs (gifted); black pointy heels (Winners).

The manfriend and I called it quits yesterday. I don't think it's been working out for awhile now and it ended amicably for the most part. On to bigger and better...some shopping therapy is definitely in order!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

bring me to my knees...

I tucked in my shirt today. The proportions felt a little off when it was untucked and a coworker had tucked her shirt into her pants yesterday which I remembered this morning, and worked and looks smoking if I do say so myself :)
Trouser jeans (Reitmans); polka dot top (Le Chateau); black tank (Dynamite); boots (Winners); black sash (borrowed from another top); pearl studs (gifted); black bead necklace (Banana Republic).
I mainly buy my clothes from the same places but I shop in all sorts of stores. I get inspiration from everyone and everything around me for future outfits and it's allowed me to actually wear more stuff from my wardrobe. Or, at the very least, wear it in a different way than I ordinarily would have.
Today we have a retirement lunch for a coworker at a yummy Italian restaurant. Can't wait! Tonight I have a meeting. I sit on the committee for a camp I volunteer at during the summer. It's a camp for children with cancer and their siblings. I may have mentioned it before...and we always head out to eat after the meetings so I'll eat out twice today (and not have to pay - bonus!)
I am feeling great today! Work is busy and going well; family and friends are healthy and happy; I feel loved and appreciated. I bet I get hit by a bus...(what movie is that from??)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I am sooo proud of myself! I mixed patterns! My inspiration is from another blog I follow and I thought I'd feel uncomfortable but so far it looks great and super polished! The colour is added from the pins on my lapel.

Black pants (Reitmans); polka dot top (Tommy Hilfiger); houndstooth jacket (Le Chateau); black heels (Winners); pins (gifted); earrings (gifted).

My sister gave me her old camera - I got her a new one as a Christmas gift - so I will be playing around with it this weekend to see if I can learn to post real-time outfits.

I worked out last night - the first time in over a week - and it felt amazing! I have also lost 6.5 pounds since mid-January so I'm happy with that too! My pants feel a little different on me and I am feeling more could also be that spring is soon to be here and after this cold cold winter, I vow to make the best of every extra minute of sunshine I can :)


Monday, February 23, 2009

the shoes that changed my world

Do you remember the pivotal moment in your fashion life, when you discovered how much you truly love fashion? Mine came when I bought a pair of red heels. They were from Payless when Payless first came on the scene. Deep red; heels slightly thicker than a stiletto; slits around the peep-toe area; and a red leather flower to the side of the toes. These shoes started my love for, not only shoes, but dressing as a whole. They were the first pair that were different than a regular heel and everyone - even strangers - complimented me on the rare find. When the heel broke (and I had yet to make friends with a shoe-mender) I was heart-broken. My mom found me the exact same pair a year later and we were together once again.
I was thinking about that life changing moment this past weekend (well, not quite so dramatic) but I feel as though I'm at a crossroads in my life right now and am looking for that pair of red shoes that will stomp out a re-newed path for me.
I am taking our hospital child spokesperson on a shopping spree today (have I mentioned how much I love my job) so comfort, and style, was key. Black dress pants (Reitmans); seafoam top (Banana Republic); knee-high boots (Winners); gold bracelet (Club Monaco); gold earrings (Dynamite); model in picture (Polyvore....not me).
Have a great week fellow bloggers :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Ugly Betty...not really so ugly

I adore this show! My brother and I watch it every Thursday and have since the very first episode. Other than being a feel-good show, plus an outlandish look into the fashion industry, it really is a good show to watch about fashion.
Yes, they try to 'ugly' Betty up but take a closer look at her outfits. While they are the extreme in zany, they are actually quite on trend. She layers with belts and jackets; she wears coloured tights and hats; she matches opposing colours from the colour wheel; she accesorizes with pins and bows. She is tacky yet completely in fashion. There is plenty of fashion eye candy on this show - including not-so-ugly Betty.
*double hugs*


I usually end up at work about a 1/2 hour before my 'scheduled' working hours of 9 - 5. I used to read the newspaper online but over the past few months, I've filled that 1/2 hour (occasionally more eek!) with blogs...and I love it! They've given such inspiration...some of it apparent in my photos but mainly, I'm inspired that people love dressing as much as I do and it gets me excited.
I have been thinking of challenging myself next week. Not sure whether it'll be layering, or colour, or what...but it'll force me to use more pieces in my existing wardrobe. Gotta admit though - since I've started blogging, I have yet to duplicate a work outfit. And usually if I'm too tired in the morning (almost always) I would just throw on pants and a sweater. I almost feel accountable to the blog to come up with something different. That's a good thing :)
Today's outfit consists of jeans (Banana Republic); black top and tank (GAP); grey vest (Costa Blanca); grey booties (Payless); jewellery (gifted).
I'll be shopping with a friend tomorrow and I'm going to go with a mission. I'll be creating a list to search for a couple of specific pieces to add to my wardrobe. I love the look of a button-down blouse but I am 'well-endowed' in the chest area and find it difficult to a) find one that doesn't cause button gap mid-chest and b) find one that fits me proportionally when I tuck it into pants. I really want to be able to tuck it into my pants.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

dirty deed and the jungle feet??

If I could have come into work today in my jammies, I would have. It's that kinda day.

Went out with some girlfriends last night and we got pleasantly carried away which I'm paying for this morning but the way I see it, I can't enjoy those moments when I'm dead so I relish it all instead.

My knee boots are a go-to-once-a-week staple for me now so I paired them with brown capris, my favourite boyfriend cardigan and a black vneck and cream tank. Before leaving the house, I decided to throw on some beads to finish the look which made me a few minutes late for my carpool. All in the name of fashion, right? I'm proud of myself for not going to my black turtleneck though...layering has given the outfit a much more interesting effect and a few people in my workplace complimented me on you find you get the most compliments on things you had NO thought about putting on?

I'm having lunch with my sweetie today - our schedules lately have been quite out of whack so it'll be nice to just be together. Even if it is for an hour.

Oh blog title today...I needed inspiration so a song was playing on the radio and this is what the chorus sounded like it was saying. Ha!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

seeing red...

Today is all about the red shoes. Nothing says woman more, don't ya think?
The hospital has a major campaign launch today and our office is donning red shoes to 'kick' it off! I have also fallen in love with skirt suits. I bought my first one in the fall and I love what it does for my body...curves in all the right places. Can you tell I'm feeling good today...funny how clothes make or break you.

Tonight I am helping a friend buy some fun bachelorette stuff from an adult fun store. It is so much fun going in there! We get to act like giggly school girls...and then we're off to see Confessions of a Shopaholic! I read all the books years ago but mainly I want to see the fashions!! I have informed my girlfriends that I don't want any of the jokey stuff at my bachelorette (not that I'm getting married anytime soon) but no hanging p*nis straw around my neck, or blow-up doll at my side. Truth be told, I want to go to a cabin and drink wine and just have a blast in a much more relaxed atmosphere...rather than waiting in bar lines, having 18 year olds call me a cougar, you get the idea...

My dad took a trip to Europe last year and brought back 2 rings for my sister and me. My sis and I share them but I'm the keeper of both of them. Presently, they are in my possession. They are very pretty rings. One of them looks like an engagement ring which we bug my dad about to this day. I decided this morning to wear said 'engagement ring' on my 'engaged finger' to the office. Can't wait to see what sorts of trouble I can conjure up...


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I ♥ long weekends

Happy Tuesday!

It's glorious and sunny today....just like yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that and even the day before that! I was definitely craving some Vitamin D and got lots of it over the past few, lots of rest too!

A thoroughly bustling weekend but energized me for my work schedule over the next few weeks. We have a major campaign launch this week so I need to be in peak performance mode - nothing my Starbucks cappuccinos can't help me out with :)

I had my very first spa day on Saturday with the gals in my family...and I am addicted officially to facials. The lady who did mine called me a princess and I've never been called a princess so it was pretty cool to hear. Afterwards, we headed to a pub for some french onion soup (my new favourite thing) and then did some retail therapy. I managed to purchase my very first Coach item (I have a purse and wristlet that were gifted to me but have never actually purchased an item of my own from there) and so I bought the messenger style mini-bag. Perfect for weekend shopping trips and my Greece trip this summer. Or so I convinced myself....hehehehehe

I also purchased 2 cute tops from Banana Republic (both for under $40) is a silk chiffonish flutter sleeve top in a seafoam colour (which I have seen in countless magazines at the moment) and the other a goldish-grey capsleeve faux-wrap with lace at the collarbone. AND....bracelets galore from Club Monaco! I started with one as a Valentine's Day gift for a dear friend of mine, then I bought a gold trio for a friend's birthday and then bought a silver and gold one for me too. And I had only gone in there to see if the alligator clutch I have been coveting is on sale yet. The awesome salesclerk told me it'll go on sale in a few weeks...don't you just love making friends with the salesmen??

Oh...and don't forget to check out the new Marie Claire. It has an awesome section called '50 items to buy and keep' I'm sure you fashionistas have tons of it in your wardrobes already!


Thursday, February 12, 2009

my Friday...

I had high hopes of how I wanted to create this polyvore...the background was fun and the pieces were good and then it started doubling the outfit choices and was going all haywire. This is the finished product...I'm not that ecstatic about it but here you go kids!

I am super duper comfy today and was first going to wear boots with heels and then figured I'd be running around a lot so wore my gray flat heel mini-boots which I love and got for $5 from Payless on major summer clearance last year. I just knew I'd wear them tons in the winter. So far, I was right :)

I am off to a work event this a ski hill! I'm not very ski bunnyish but it's a fun event and some of my coworkers come up and it's nice to breathe in all that cold, crisp air. I don't like winter very much but I love a wave of crisp air coming at me.

Then it's off to a spa day with my family, drinks for Valentine's Day, '80s pub night on Sunday and long weekend Monday. I can't wait to sleep in which I think I've mentioned every day this week.

Enjoy your loved ones this weekend!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

♥ Spring 2009 Forecast ♥ 2

1. Soft and sexy...ruffles! 2. Hella Good in High Heels

3. Sparkle and Sequins for day

4. Black, White, Grey...hooray!

5. Mad Men...Mahvelous!

6. Orange-you-glad for spring clothes!

7. Trench it up baby!

Now I absolutely prefer Fall Fashion Lines but it's so exciting to get ahead of the game and see what's in store for the season! Plenty of goodies...and so many already in my closet too :)
*double hugs*

it's black; it's white...yeah yeah yeah

I decided to stay with a black and white theme for the week since I've rocked it the past 3 days...and tomorrow's top is black and white too! The black pants are from a suit (Reitmans); the black and white jacket major sale score (Le Chateau); black long-sleeve top (GAP); oxford shoes (Winners). I like how the jacket is elbow-length and how the long-sleeve tee extends to my wrists. It's kind of a suited look but not as formal - and still presentable for a cheque presentation I was surprised with this morning so that's a bonus too!

I work in a children's hospital and ADORE my job! Many of my friends work in the government - not a job for me by any stretch of the imagination. One day they were gloating about how they have hour long lunches, and 15 minute breaks whenever they want, and can come and go and make their own hours, etc etc etc I'm not envious in the least. Why don't I care you ask? That same day, our therapeutic hospital clown, Molly Penny, came by my office with her little helpers. There were 6 kids (ages 4 - 10) dressed as mini-clowns and they had brought me a red nose to wear too! No lunch time or break time can ever create the feelings and memories I have from that day...and so many others just like it.

Speaking of feelings...I usually have a Starbucks hazelnut latté or cappuccino to start my day. Yesterday was busy so I didn't have my usual in the morning but got it around 3 pm right before a meeting with my boss. On the way home that day, I had carpooled with some coworkers and chatted their ears one point, I even said 'whoa, I'm talking wayyy too much!' To which they laughed. I went to workout around 6 pm and for the first 15 minutes was fine and then all of a sudden, my energy levels just crashed! I didn't think I could finish the 45 minute cardio session...I made it through but attributed the crash and burn feeling to the latté. Last time I do that....and now, I'm off to grab my morning one! :)


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

the letter 'N'

So, I love those quizzes where you have to answer favourite season (autumn), favourite colour (red), favourite sexual position....umm, yeah you get the picture....

Kimberly tagged me to discuss 10 things I love beginning with a random letter...mine is the letter 'N'.

Here goes....'n'othing...heheheh

1. Nibs - and any other type of red licorice. It's my candy of choice (and low in calories!)
2. Nail polish - I love manicures! I only recently started getting them and the weird thing is that I hate having nail polish on my hands (when it chips I think it looks ugly) but I love the look of a well manicured and polished hand.
3. Name - mine. I love my name. It's Vaia. It never rhymed with anything as a kid so no one really ever made fun of it. One kid tried one day calling me 'Vaia, violin' and the lunch lady laughed at him.
4. Negativity - I am an optimist. Cheery and happy. I try and see the good things in everyone and truly believe there is a beauty to everyone. I abhor negativity and feel bad for people who relish in making others unhappy.
5. Nesting - I love snuggling and being at home. While I don't always think I'll make a good wife and mother, deep down in my heart I hope I do.
6. Networking - I am trying to get better at this. I am an outgoing person but I'm quiet and shy sometimes. I try really hard to strike up conversations with strangers though and have been thinking of joining Toastmasters to help me with my skills.
7. New Years Eve - I hate this holiday. I love Christmas and New Years Day is fine but NYE is totally overrated and am not a fan of it. This past year, I was in bed by 11 pm. Some call that sad; I call those people dumb :)
8. Northern Greece - is where both my parents are from. My mom was born in Canada and my dad came here to visit his cousin. They met, fell in love and 3 months later were wed. 32 years later still going strong. I will be visiting both sides of my family this summer when I go to Greece!
9. Neatness - I have a slight self-diagnosed case of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). I like things neat. My clothes washed and steamed; dishes washed and put away; a toilet seat so clean you could eat off know, that kind of stuff.
10. New clothes - I may be cheating with this one but I love new things! Especially new clothes and accessories! It feels like September and school is starting and we're back to school shopping - even in March!

*double hugs*

why be normal?

Valentine's Day is Saturday. I don't mind this man hates it because he says there shouldn't only be one day to celebrate the one you love. I agree with that statement but Valentine's Day is a great day to just make that special effort with those you love. Your parents, your siblings, your lover, your friends - heck, we're giving out Valentine's to our coworkers these days. Sometimes, I think it's a cop-out for some people to "boycott" the day. We should tell and show the people we love that we love them everyday - including February 14. I don't want chocolates and stuffed animals but a hug, a kiss and an "I Love You" is the perfect gift for me.

We have a long weekend this weekend - last year the government introduced 'Family Day' so families could spend time together. I love a long weekend in the middle of winter - I don't have any children as of yet so I am looking forward to sleeping-in. That was the first thought I had this morning when I woke up. Monday I get to sleep-in. You know you're tired when...

So, more black today. My black turtleneck (GAP) that I wear once a week, my black pants (Reitmans), a pink belt (Wal-Mart) sitting at my hips and my lovely shoes (Winners). It's kinda chic looking if I say so myself. My hair is in a ponytail and I'm wearing my eyeglasses (Gucci...the only Gucci I'll ever own - well, maybe....there is a doctor's bag I'm looking into saving for...)


Monday, February 9, 2009


It's my office's first annual chili cook-off today! Myself, and a couple of other coworkers, started a social group for our office so we could celebrate and do fun things throughout the year to get everyone mingling and less stressed overall. The President loved the idea and so it began. We have 8 entries! That's awesome considering we thought we'd be scrambling for half of that...I was even going to try it and I have never made a chili....yikes!
My brother made a note that our bathrooms would probably be busy this afternoon...double yikes!
My weekend was great! Friday I went shopping with a friend to find her wedding outfit. She's getting married in the sugar bush her family has in March. So a nice outdoor wedding. We found a beautiful ivory outfit...ivory turtleneck, ivory pants and off-white jacket. She looks gorgeous! And I was honoured to be there with her when she tried it on and bought it. Saturday I babysat for some friend's 2 little girls - the parents were celebrating their wedding anniversary. I haven't babysat in a long time but it was fun.
So, I wore this outfit to church yesterday and since I liked's on my body again today!
All black I time I'd punch it up with a coloured belt.

Friday, February 6, 2009

nerds ARE hot

It's Friday!! It's a good day - unless you start your work week today then that sucks.

We are a casual Friday I have my favourite Banana Republic jeans (on major sale!), a boyfriend cardigan I purchased over the weekend from our local grocery store, a white tshirt, tank top and purple pashmina. A weekend casual look. I actually wore this look last weekend curling as well. Double duty. If it works, why not, right?

I'm kind of a nerd. And damn proud. I'm smart, I'm kind, I'm sweet, I'm gentle and these are all words I've heard to describe nerds. Have you ever seen Revenge of the Nerds?? That's right. Take a moment to rent that beauty this weekend. And feel free to let out the inner nerd in you too.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

True blue baby, I love you

Navy and Black. For years I hated this combination. Then I started seeing it in magazines, and fashion shows and people mixing the two with great gusto so I tried it too. It works really well when you can see a difference in the colours.

The jacket I'm wearing is actually more of a denim and has a belted waist. But the general idea of my outift is posted in the pic above. My pants are fitting great right now. They hang off my body ever so slightly giving a nice leg line and not hugging my derriere. All thanks to toning. I haven't worked out since Monday night so I'm definitely aching to get my groove on tonight! I love the challenge and the sweat. I know it's kinda weird but once I make it through the 45 minutes, I am so proud of myself. And I'm making a long-term change with lifestyle and eating right and keeping exercise in my life. It's a necessity and turning 31 this year (eek! and hooray!) is keeping me motivated too.

I am taking a break from some of the relationships in my life. There is too much drama with one group of friends. I often find myself ranting about them to my coworkers and on one of these ranting days, I thought to myself that I must sound pretty ridiculous and I probably leave my work comrades wondering why I still hang out with the drama crowd. A question I should be asking myself more often. So, this week I made time to see friends I hadn't connected with in awhile and love the stress-free and mutually respectful relationships I've rekindled.

My wish for all today is to reach out and call/email/visit someone who's been on your mind in the last while. Reconnect. It will do you - and them - a world of good.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009


My outfit today is totally inspired by another blog I follow...Fab Finds Under $50! She rocks her outfits all the time and a few days ago wore a grey shawl cardigan with black and belted and I thought to myself...self, I have all those pieces - why not try rocking it too!

Here is the result, though you will have to take my word for it that it looks much better in person :) I've gotten tons of compliments on it too! It's all black with the colour punches in my shoes and jewellery. Even my mom is going to try rocking this look. So, FFU50...kudos!

It is also mid-week and I am going to dinner at a great new Thai place called Green Papaya. They serve these chips at the beginning of the meal and I would go there solely for those things. Someone told me they're called fish chips...all I know is they are delicious!

My pinky is also doing much better - I can now bend it.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

you were born to be my baby...

Don't you just love Bon Jovi! It was my favourite concert of last year!

Tuesday...I have a lot of desk work today but keep finding excuses to walk around and do other things - I need to get back to the grind! I have a meeting after work which will lead to drinks and dinner and I'm already thinking about what I'm going to order to eat. Is that bad? We're going to Baton Rouge and it has such delicious food. It's the only place I'll eat ribs...I think ribs are a waste of money to eat because there isn't much meat on them but BR makes them so good, I can't resist!

I wore cropped pants because my other dress pants either need to be washed or ironed and I didn't have time for either. I remembered I have my knee high boots (the only ones that will fit over my calves) and voilà! Today's outfit was born! This baby is a keeper me thinks.

Project Runway Canada is on tonight as well! My favourite show - second to Lost, of course.

Have a great day lovelies!


Monday, February 2, 2009

C'est lundi!

Even though the sun is shining and it's warmer today...I'm pretty much covered in grey! The cream top in the polyvore is actually a light grey in real life. Grey day. But I feel very non-grey :)

My weekend started off with MAJOR work stress. One of my portfolios was having their annual black tie gala and we have awards for the major donors and my awards guy got sick and was in the hospital! I had to think up a plan b FAST and then deliver all the goods to the gala. Needless to say, all got done but not without my heart skipping a few beats.

I also curled for the first time yesterday. It was a TON of fun - the only injury was spraining my pinky. It's growing bigger by the minute...I probably can't go boxing tonight. I also shopped quite a bit. First, I discovered Joe Fresh. Have you seen this line? One of our grocery store chains carries it and I bought myself a black boyfriend cardigan for $16 and a 40's style dress for $9. Then I hit up Winners which is my favourite store in the universe and bought 3 pairs of shoes and a purse. All Nine West for under $200. I wish I could post real theory I could have bought a camera with the same amount of money but these shoes are awesome! And the best part is that they are different and not too many other people will have them. One of my pet peeves is everyone looking the same and carrying the same purses and wearing the same tops. It's why I love Winners so much - there are very few multiples of an item so not many people will be wearing it.